Samsung 14” Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass

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Samsung 14" Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass
$529.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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woot! gods, please just post the serger/sewing machine combo so I can leave work and make my wife happy.


I do not understand why the price is so high, you can almost buy this exact product new for the same price.

for the features, display size, wimax and widi, this notebook is a great buy. I would pick up one but i literally just bought an HP elitebook. This is a solid machine for a home user or small business just wouldn’t want to utilize it for gaming beyond the basic level.

addtl: i would also mention the price point on this as a refurb is not to enticing… compared to new anyway.

How many different laptops can you sell in 1 woot-off?

With that being said, this actually has pretty strong specs.


I see there’s a Woot-Off and all I can think to say is: WOOT!

Yee-hah! is so old school, don’t you think?

no webcam?

What, no web cam?

It definitely has a webcam. I’m on one now that I got from woot about 6 weeks ago and I’ve never been truly in love with a laptop until this thing. It’s sexy. It’s fast. Battery life is great. Overall I’d say pull the trigger if you’re in the market.


In for 3

I have the upgraded version of this and I am really happy with it. I have i5-2410, 6GB RAM, 750GB HD, and the GT 520M. I got all of this for $750 from bby. Not quite sure if the price of this one is quite worth it for a refurb.

Got the same but slightly different model a couple months ago. Great laptop, although refurb it was in new condition. The model I got has a webcam and I’m pretty sure this one does as well. The only difference between the one I got and this is a slightly slower processor on this model. Overall I’m really pleased and would definitely recommend.

So here I sit…I’m supposed to be putting a new starter in my car, I’m 2 days late, several dollars short, missed the BOC and still can’t pull myself away from a WOOT off

Seems like good spec for the buck, and a stylish machine, too, I might add.

Paying $500+ for laptop with only a 90 day warranty would be my issue. I don’t know why manfacturers don’t back their refurb stuff with decent warranties. I mean, hey, back the doggone thing if it’s refurbed so well. $500 is a lot to risk on something that could die in 4 months and you’re out.

Also one more thing to add. The touch pad on these are kind of hard to get used to. I have bigger hands and am constantly bumping the touch pad to move it to a different line. Quite annoying sometimes while programming.

Other than the price/warranty, this is a really nice unit.

Obviously an issue as these are not moving fast