Samsung 14” Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass



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Samsung 14" Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This one might last a few minutes at least


And I thought I was cool running a Core 2 Duo processor as my “latest” chip.

Grumbles, kicks can down road…


Too many expensive things this time around… I kinda wanna go to bed now


Yeah most of the time you hear people say “next”. things are gone before they even have the chance tonight.


Scrape off the samsung logo and put and apple logo and sell it for 3x the price


Lets slap a nice television in this Woot off and call it a night.


I find it very hard to buy a $400 item on a 30 second impulse. I don’t know how people buy them all out so damn fast. It’s like theyre buying no matter what it is.


Herry’ upn buy


14" screen with a numeric keypad??? That chiclets keyboard must be tiny!


Someone please buy this so we can continue the Woot off! What else is there to do on the night shift??


Maybe they were pricing a similar item, knew it was a good deal and Woot didn’t have many. So it sold out. Who knows, better the expensive ones sell out fast and it’s not a woot killer.

How are the Samsung laptops? I’m not familiar with them.


I agree 100% with that. I make good money but I want to make sure I get what I want. I can’t just click the buy button in 15.whatever seconds the first sale was on this…


The picture doesn’t show a numeric keypad. My eyes might be deceiving me though.


There’s no numeric pad.

Purchased this laptop for $550 back in June. I’m happy with it.


EEK. I’m up to 156 items and many of them were not cheap. I’m taking it easy this Woot off. If I can. :wink:


Women shopper with OCD… Glad it’s not my checkbook.


Samsung is alright… I’ve had one and it held up for a few years. Anyway the specs on this thing are decent, but regardless I would still need time to read the specs before pressing the buy button.


My only experience with them (in an IT role) is the newer Samsung 9 Series. Duralumin material for the body, beautiful little machine, but if you thought the iPhone antenna issue was a problem, it’s nothing compared to the utter design failure of wifi in the machine. How does this tie in? Samsung support has been a joke. Enough to prevent me from ever allowing another one step foot in our building.