Samsung 14MP Digital Camera with 12X Schneider-KREUZNACH Lens and 3.5" Touchscreen

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Samsung 14MP Digital Camera with 12X Schneider-KREUZNACH Lens and 3.5" Touchscreen
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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HDMI code? I sense a typo.

This looks like an excellent buy. I can’t stress enough the awesomeness of a good zoom lens. At about 7x zoom, the camera can start seeing details that you can’t with your eyes. At 12x, you’ll be amazed at what the camera is capable of shooting. I’ve used mine (a 12x Panasonic) to capture awesome photos of planes at airshows, animals at zoos, performances on stage - any place where you can’t get physically close to the action.

The only drawback is that the camera must be absolutely steady in order to get decent shots. Use a tripod!

Nope, straight from the Samsung site

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Great price, but FYI, Samsung’s photos come out much worse quality than actual camera makers. I have the 12MP Samsung HZ30W, also with a Schneider Whosnatch lens, and am quite disappointed with the actual image quality. Lots of noise and blurriness, even at low ISO speeds.

Here’s a crop of a full-resolution picture I took with my camera. Notice how some of the leaves disappear against the sky, and the ones in shadow are full of noise.

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Get a Panasonic Lumix. My 7.2 MP w/ 6X OPTICAL zoom can really get in there and see detail. It does more than I need and I probably won’t trade up until it breaks.

Pay attention to those F numbers, lower is better and indicates a wider aperture/more light to the sensor with less depth of field in low light. For a reference, the sony DSC-W350 has F2.7 when zoomed all the way out with a similar sensor size.

Since my little sony only goes to 4x with F 4.7, going to 12x with F 4.9 is actually pretty impressive.

What I’m saying is this camera has nice stats considering it’s zoom range, but less zoom-capable cameras may have better low light performance if you examine the aperture sizes.

Just something to think about.

That was one of the things I was worried about. I want to replace my Sony DSC-10 because it never has worked as well as my old DSC-5, but I hate the thought of getting another that is going to have some of the same issues. How does it do in low light settings?

full review on


only 50 dollars more on Amazon for brand new… plus free shipping!

Schneider-KREUZNACH Page

It says, “MicroSDHC (up to 8GB)”. Does that mean that larger memory cards will not work?

I hate to say it, but most P&S digital cameras under $200 are not going to perform well in low light. You would need one with a better f-stop, say f 1.9 or less…which drastically ups the price. You would almost be better off getting a DSLR and picking which lenses to buy, but this also has a size/weight/price issues too.

Schneider-KREUZNACH Wikipedia

I have a very simular Samsung and it has taken great pictures. I have very few blury pictures and the clarity and color are great.

I got this earlier this year. It’s an awesome camera with 720p video. The zoom is incredible and the features beyond point and shoot are good enough for those special shots. It goes well as my point and shoot along side my pro camera.


Support page:

Manual downlaod page (English, Spanish, Korean): Sorry, I can’t directly link to the manual itself

Product page (red color camera version):

with 6 reviews on side link:

That’s what frustrated me so much with the Sony DSC-H10. It was a warranty replacement and I had no choice but to take it, even though I would have preferred the older model that I spent almost $500. Of course, I can’t afford anything near that now, and sadly, a DSLR is way out of my range for the time being. I’m not sure what the ‘f’ ratings are on mine (I really need to take a basic digital photography class so I understand this stuff), but it’s temperamental in low light, for sure.