Samsung 15.3” Quad-Core i7 Laptop with WiDi, WiMAX, Blu-ray & HD LED Display

Actually have one of these already. Seems solid enough. Can handle mass effect and bioshock no problems, but haven’t tried the newer games. Does an excellent job with molecular modeling when you use all cores. Not surprising but even better when you can take it with you to the local caffeine purveyor.

where is the back up disk?

Product website:

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including manual page–manual downloads as an exe–did not try downloading it yet:

Why do they keep releasing PCs with kick-ass state of the art CPU, decent “gaming” GPU and ridiculously low-res screen? 768 horizontal resolution was commonplace 15 years ago. 16:9 sucks for everything but movies and even then, bump it up to 1080p!
In other words, I’ll pass.

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Any good for gaming? I’m looking at Call of Duty games, the newer ones.

What do you think of the price?

Does this laptop have the same mouse pad issues as other Samsung laptops of late? (i.e touchy/long learning curve)

That screen just KILLS it, not that the anemic GT525 could game on anything higher anyway…

If this had a 1080p panel and some more gpu muscle then it would be a great back to school machine for college students.

So was Larry killed by the piranha or was he found dead in the flesh damping chamber? Dang it Woot overlords I’ll be wondering about poor Larry all night.

Of course, I meant vertical.

Moderate, not a True Gaming Rig

If you try to max crysis, it won’t happen, but you can play Mid to High Range

Remember is GT525M Which is pair to Low-mid profile range (example:

It can play Starcraft 2 fine tho i believe, in mid to high setting

Mmmm looks sexy, I want it …but I like anything Samsung.

If I didnt already have a laptop this would be my next one. The specs make it a perfect general purpose laptop. Its not an ultra portable or desktop replacement but instead its just the right size and has just the right amount of power.

I have the same processor in my Studio 15 laptop and it tends to run hot but I don’t know if this laptop has the same problems.

Reviews–Best Buy:


ZDNet collection:

I got the Sumsung i5 on the Woot offering in May and have been quite happy with it.

Samsung QX410-J01 14” HD LED, Intel Core i5-460M, Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, Edge-to-Edge Glass, 4GB, 640GB, 802.11n, Win7HP.

More here:

Is Samsung a good brand?

Here’s a review (there don’t seem to be many),1217,a=263369,00.asp?hidPrint=true

My thoughts are that this laptop will handle mainstream games just fine for the next year or two, mostly the performance will be saved by the low screen resolution (although weirdly, 1366x768 seems to be becoming the standard for 15 inchers, and I could have sworn 1600x900 was fairly standard even a year ago)

Samsung’s QX411 honestly seems like the better option, due to it’s processor and video card being more geared to the lower resolution. The specs in this laptop would make more sense in a 17 inch, 1080p screened laptop.

My opinion, this laptop is a nice option for those who need the quad core speed for a lot of video processing or other heavily threaded applications. Gamers using a 15 inch, 1366x768 laptop would be better off with slightly lower specs and a slightly lower price, media enthusiasts would be better off with a 17 incher.

Here’s a link to the GT 525M:

Overall, not a bad card that can run a good amount of games at a decent level.