Samsung 15.3” Quad-Core i7 Laptop with WiDi, WiMAX, Blu-ray & HD LED Display

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Samsung 15.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop with WiDi, WiMAX, Blu-ray & HD LED Display
$649.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Aw man, that’s not fair! I just got the dual core i5 for not a lot less. And this has blu-ray! And the broken mirror is just taunting.

Is the broken mirror included?

Why do they put a 5400rpm HD and a 1366x768 (low res) screen, in a seemingly otherwise nice laptop? It couldn’t cost more than 50 bucks more to NOT cripple the machine with those features.

hmmmm, wimax. I’ve been out of touch for a bit on this stuff – does wimax actually matter?

that sideview mirror needs some work. oh- and to be attached to a car.

“Don’t reflect on your old computer, Grandpa.”

Great - what language do i need to be learning now?

Ok for Gaming: Yes or no?

This is BS woot! I bought this exact laptop on August 8th from you guys for $740. WTF. I feel ripped off now :frowning:

I haz confused. I’m not seeing the weird characters.

Better than decent for gaming. here is an overview of its graphics subsystem:

While I agree (when buying for myself) with both, 720p+ isn’t “low res”. Most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a 7200 rpm and 5400 rpm hard drive or find 720p video to be unsatisfactory. Also, the video card is substantial (plays most newer games on medium settings).

BUT, personally I would prefer the ASUS n53sv to this (better screen, better video card) but its also a little pricier.

Ditto. Especially since I had a problem and had to do a full reinstall to correct a RAM/HD failure issue. I would definitely feel better about my August 8th purchase at this new price :frowning:

They feel that they can get away with calling it “HD” or “High Definition” because it’s capable of displaying 720p video without downscaling. I’m sick to death of laptops being designed to the same specs as my $200 TV. Newsflash manufacturers: Some of us still buy laptops for use as a computer, not a portable TV!

I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for a laptop with a slow hard drive and low-res screen like this either. If anything, I’d opt for a business-class Lenovo ThinkPad with no less than 1600x900 or even 1920x1080, and a 7200 RPM drive for about $150-200 more.

Edit: And before someone calls me stupid or whatever for calling 1366x768 “low res”, yes I am quite aware that 720p is considered high definition in the world of television. However, in the world of computers any display bigger than 11 inches with that resolution is going to be an absolute eyesore. Hi res in the computer world has more to do with pixels per inch than with progressive scan lines.

I’ve been looking for a portable solution for doing professional video editing using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. The price looks enticing. I’m a little concerned about the screen resolution though. Can anyone offer any advice as to whether this is a good buy for me?

Dear Laptop Makers of the World,

We know you’re in lurv with putting a number pad on your new laptop keyboards, but you’re doing it wrong. Please stop shifting the damned touchpad over. The touchpad has NOTHING to do with the number pad, and you’re making everyone’s right arm grow slightly longer, and left arm slightly shorter.

When the world can suddenly only fap with their right arm because the other will no longer reach, maybe then you’ll see the error of your ways.


Wouldn’t you say that having been able to enjoy the use of this laptop for almost TWO months before the rest of us is worth about a hundred bucks to you? Comes out to only a little more than a dollar a day.

I think I need a WiDi, WiMAX lesson… I’m lost in this jargon. What is it, why do I need it and is it worth it?