Samsung 15.6” Core i3 Notebook with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display & Blu-ray

I need that stress button for todays Wootoff!

aw boo… i was hoping for a small 3.99 piece of junk that I could buy 3 of… Ooh, or some buckyballs… maybe it’s up next…

nap time

Is it petty of me to refuse to buy this because I have an intense distrust of Samsung products?

I so desperately want to add to my Buckyball collection.

Last time I bought a laptop off Woot that showed a numeric keypad in the photo, the laptop that arrived at my home didn’t have a numeric keypad. Does this one really, truly, have a numeric keypad?

With all of the pricey stuff today could it be that the BOC will be stellar today? Anybody? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.


Last night my AC unit dumped a ton of water from my attic because:

The normal line got clogged and the drip pan underneath cracked. (I live in a VERY humid climate that will produce over 2 cups of water in an hour)

I want the damns frogs.

Well they had blue buckyballs late last night that were gone in 20 secs.

Samsung makes computers?! Or do they merely try to make computers…

Woohoo another Laptop.

what is babe ruth eating in that picture?

Slooow woot-off. They must have a lot of $300+ items in stock. I understand they need to sell this stuff, but why does it have to all be in a row? Can’t they break up the monotony with some low-priced fast movers?

This format just makes me not care as much nor lose sleep over a Woot-Off.

This one will take a while.

Ugh - they’ve only sold three so far…

I missed the stress button cuz I was in the shower :frowning: Now I wish that I didnt lol.

And Im like yall are I prefer a HP puter to a samsung .

its alright you can buy 3 of these

I smell a snoozer…