Samsung 15.6" Dual-Core Laptop

**Item: **Samsung 15.6" Dual-Core Laptop
Price: $298.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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5/27/2013 - $299.00 (Woot Plus)

Originally, The Avengers were two – David Keel and John Steed. But even after David Keel wasn’t part of it any more you still only had Steed and his assistant at the time (Cathy Gale, Emma Peel, etc).

I saw the golden button!! But alas, the gears on my PC took too long…I need to hire a faster mouse…

Maybe Avengers, super heroes (Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, etc.)


Slow, again. Grrr…

I got (53)+(5046)+(316*42)=15587, but it’s not correct. Any tips here?

Hmm, I thought I got this one pretty fast… But, no.

I originally got that too, but I think Defenders was 4.

That’s kind of my point – they are ALSO (but not ONLY) The Avengers.

You kids should post all your “Crapschmidt Conundrum” banter on the community forum about it rather than on the sale items so we can keep a good log of all the crappiness in one place for posterity.

missed it: 15592; everyone was close

I agree. I’m a fun loving guy, but I need a new laptop and it’s sometimes annoying on Woot when you have to sort through a bunch of off-topic comments or comments from people who are just trying to be funny in order to get to some useful, intelligent comments. Oh well - nature of the Woot, I guess.

Looks like mixed reviews for this on Amazon. Too negative for me. :frowning:

that’s what I got at first, but it didn’t work. still doesn’t. anyone who got the right link, care to post it?

If you’re gonna have to buy Windows 8, you might as well get it with a touchscreen, which this does not appear to have…

This is not right. The THREE original members were Dr. Strange, the Hulk and Namor. That means it should be 53 not 54 as stated by Woot.

I call foul and want my Biscuit of Cheese!!!

Here is the proof:

the original Defenders were Doctor Strange, Namor and Hulk. The silver surfer was not added until later. at least according to the first issue of the original defenders

At least I got all the other numbers right on my first shot


ok, well that sucks. when i copied the url out of the box, it didn’t get the whole thing because it doesn’t fit in the box. you need to scroll acroos to get the whole thing.

come on woot, it’s hard enough to get all the numbers in time, how about not making it more difficult than it needs to be!!!