Samsung 15.6" Dual-Core Laptop

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**Item: **Samsung 15.6" Dual-Core Laptop
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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This is a really low end (E-series CPU from AMD is a giveaway) laptop. Might serve you OK for checking email but it should be “new”, not refurb at this price.

Even if you only email, web browse, Facebook and YouTube, you’d be happier for a longer time with a $50-100 more expensive laptop.

My 2 cents. I own 6 computers (tablet/mini/laptop/pcs) just for me. My favorite by far is my Samsung mini. That thing is indestructible. I don’t know this model but I love my Samsung.

Is this a touch screen. Love the Samsung part of it. Have a 7" Nexus and a Galaxy S3 and just love them.
10" Nexus tablet or pull the trigger on this one ?

first u have “back to school”, now “computer turnover”, next “APPLE TURNOVER”!!! (pun intended)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, not touch screen.


(good one)

Absolutely horrible laptop; which is surprising because the specs are appealing for a low end machine and for the low price. Mine had a screen issue so returning to Samsung was an absolute chore and it really isn’t speedy at all. The windows experience score is 3.8 due to the processor and video card. Bad machine even for the price. Bought mine from woot in May just got it back after everything two weeks ago.