Samsung 15.6" Quad-Core Laptop

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Samsung 15.6" Quad-Core Laptop
$429.99 + $5 Standard OR $13 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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No USB3 :frowning:

is it so much to ask for intel laptops? all I ever see on woot anymore is AMD…

How would this fare for gaming? I’m looking to replace my Samsung R580.

Here is the processor Benchmark numbers Hope it helps.

High Mid Range CPUs - Updated 19th of July 2012

How does this fare on games such as Minesweeper?

Funny… Was just at local Wal Mart this evening and saw this exact laptop on clearance for $302…

Peoria, AZ, 83rd and UH location for those interested… They had one left.

You sure it wasn’t This one? I saw this one on sale recently at my local wal-mart.

Tries to understand chart
So, bad. Yes?

Samsung Website. Sorry, no reviews.

better than intel hd 3000 graphics. not quite as good as hd 4000.

Comparing a year-old budget laptop CPU to current desktop CPUs(which cost 1/2 as much as this laptop) is unfair.

I was going to buy one but saw AMD. If I were buying an inexpensive desktop for a kid, an Intel Celeron or AMD would work.

But not for anything else.

Is that the one just north of Bell and south of Union Hills near Sam’s? Before I left Phoenix to move back to Dallas, I bought a set of tires at the Sam’s. Got a cactus needle in one of the tires and Sam’s replaced it free.

I stand corrected, but they are very similar.

Differences appear to be A6-3430mx versus A6-3410mx (minor passmark score difference in favor of the woot computer) and 2GB more memory in the woot machine, but for $133 less…

If anyone is interested, they had it in the clearance section in the mobile phone area at the front of the store.

@northdallas… That is the one…

Oh look. A laptop. AGAIN.

You’re right I updated the list to include it in context.

This is a true desktop replacement in terms of power. It even has a keypad. Here are a few thoughts:

  • It’s missing two ports that I’d like: USB 3.0 and eSATA (although it can be argued that eSATA is unnecessary if you have USB 3.0)
  • The keyboard may be a bit cramped since you’re including a keypad into a 15.6" laptop. Keypads are generally reserved for 17"+ laptops
  • 6gb of RAM actually surpasses many desktops, and most laptops
  • The drive is somewhat slow at 5400rpm, but that’s normal for laptops. The advantage is power savings.
  • It appears to have a true keyboard which is good. Many laptops are following Apple’s lead and using chichlet (aka island style) keyboards which touchtypists hate. In fact, in the early days of the PC, the chichlet keyboard was a sign of cheap construction, and actually doomed the IBM PCjr (ake The Peanut).

The notorious chichlets keyboard that doomed the IBM PCjr