Samsung 16.1MP Digital Camera w/10x Opt

**Item: **Samsung 16.1MP Digital Camera w/10x Opt
Price: $58.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Holy scoobysnacks, victory is mine!

Ok Woot, I forgive you for botching the number of people slaughtered in the 2008 Rambo movie.

Congrats! I am apparently too slow again, haha.

Gah!! I live down the street from Longman & Eagle, how did I not get the right answer??

i got 55,2, and 3 whats wrong? :frowning:

Well played. I already got one but am playing anyway to see if I could get a second - not this time!

(For people who are frustratedly still missing it, the answers were 40, 2 and 4.)

yeah, i got the same… apparently the numbers are wrong somewhere…

I go the right answer, but thanks to Woot’s absolutely insufferable new interface - the 8 million freaking drop down menus kept foiling my attempts to get the mouse to the necessary areas.

Seriously. Please quit having it where if I hover the mouse ANYWHERE NEAR the top of the frame I get a million drop downs that just hover in your way. It’s annoying.

40/2 to the power of 4

55 was the most expensive bourbon, not rye. And apparently the president thing was 4, not 3 or 2, who knows why the answers to that one are so messed up!

FDR won 4 elections.

on their menu it shows $55 for a couple of 2 oz drinks

Is the bag of cr@p even worth all this effort?

anyone want to share what crap they actually got?

most expesive glass or rye = 40
ska label = 2
president FDR = 4

[40/2]^4 = 160000 , but sold out already :stuck_out_tongue:

We had the correct answer quickly, but didn’t know that I had to inspect the source code to get the full URL due to it hiding under the frame. Maybe next time!

I think 55 was the most expensive bourbon. If you scroll down on their menu, there is a separate category for rye where the most expensive is 40.

thank you! aha lol

Note to self: When entering a second answer, remove “errors/404?aspxerrorpath=” from the url.


You can only get one. It says it in the details about this woot off. Even if you solve it twice they will cancel your second order, and that just takes away the chance at one for others.