Samsung 16.1MP DualView Camera

$142.26 at Amazon 5/5 (11 reviews)

$199.99 at Walmart 4.7/5 (23 reviews)

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Sorry, the last camera I bought through woot died on me in a few days. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can return. I have to go through the manufacturer to get the issue resolve. Just keep in mine…its going through woot for a reason.

I have an older model of this camera ( and it’s great. I’ve been delighted with it. Great for a point-and-shoot. I especially like the battery, it is its own rechargeable, and lasts a good long time. If mine wasn’t working so well, I’d be happy to purchase this again.

boy, I just re-read this and I sound like a samsung shill, but it’s all true!

I had an older version of this camera and ended up giving it to my mom.
The main reason was I got hooked on EyeFi cards that wirelessly upload your pictures to a PC in our house.

Because the DualView line all use MicroSDHC, there was no compatible EyeFi card.

This model seems to have a similar feature to EyeFi built right into the camera so now I am on the fence about getting one. Gotta be better than the crappy Polaroid I got from Woot a few years back.

The LCD at the front is great for making sure your arms aren’t in the frame when you’re taking your profile pictures. People still do that right? take pictures of themselves for their profiles.

What a shock. a video demonstration on how to use this.
[youtube=ivOwaDLdmss] [/youtube]

does this mean the skanky bathroom mirror shot is going to be a thing of the past?

The title says “miniHDMI” but the camera does not seem to have miniHDMI port.

I bought this camera a few weeks ago actually. It’s been pretty fantastic so far. My only issues have been that the screen is INCREDIBLY easy to scratch so either use the case or a screen protector, and that the wifi is more of a novelty. I needed to get a firmware update to get it to properly work with my iPod Touch and I haven’t been able to get it to connect with my computer yet. Aside from that it is a great little camera with some cool settings that fits very easily in the pocket. The front-view lcd screen is also incredible for self-portraits and you can have it show cute cartoons to get children to smile. It worked on my friends in their 20’s!

I paid $130 for it without the case and memory card and am happy with the purchase. $120 is a great deal, although 4gb is kind of low and I wouldn’t want a case anyways because the whole reason I bought the camera was to have something that fit in my pocket.

True indeed. That is a blatant lie of woot! as the official specs do not have that and I can tell you first hand that it does not. Tsk tsk. It does however have some kind of feature that works with smart tvs to let you stream images to them through wifi, but alas I do not have the equipment to try that out.

EDIT: They fixed it!

This camera was recently featured on the network’s “Before you Buy” show. Fast-forward to 8:30 to see this camera’s review.

It got a don’t buy rating based on poor image quality and usability.

I love the idea of a front-facing LED screen for self-portraits and to have kids look at the camera. Unfortunately the included cartoons to entertain the kids are brief and not funny.

Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve sent an email to the buyer for clarification or correction.

Just gonna put this here:

lie: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

mistake: a wrong action or statement proceeding from faulty judgment, inadequate knowledge, or inattention

Thank you, Merriam-Webster.

To avoid “a wrong action or statement proceeding from faulty judgment, inadequate knowledge, or inattention” someone at Woot should open the box and test every feature and function before selling it. Good day-popcorn maker. Bad day- any of the feature-filled high-tech gizmos which Wooters are so fond of.

To be fair, Samsung’s product page says it has an HDMI port, but the owners manual does not mention it.

Can I take a really great action-stopping indoor sports shot of my kid making the winning basket at the school gym with this camera? I don’t know anything about photography and I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, but I want shots that look like what you see on the cover of a sports magazine. [Sarcasm added at no extra charge]

Samsung? Good luck waiting for ICS to come out on this one, and you can forget about Jellybean.

Alrighty, they’re awake at HQ and have verified this information. The reference to miniHDMI has been removed from the sale.

If you ordered before this change and were really needing the miniHDMI port, you can cancel your order by emailing

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yeah, because that was the one feature everyone was buying the camera for. :confused:

I usually have this camera in my work bag just because you’ll never know when you get inspired and the price along with its many features makes it a good throw around camera (my 1 year old does it literally and it still works.) It’s got a solid feel and the image quality is pretty decent for a compact point and shoot camera (I’m not expecting it to be better than my DSLR.) The front screen makes the camera a lot easier for taking self portraits seeing the self timer countdown. As for children’s mode, you can only have 1 clip loaded at a time, eventhough Samsung offers more than 30 clips on their website. I’ve gotten into the habit of using children’s mode for snapshots of friends becuase everyone looks at it and laughs. Not a bad camera overall.

So far I’m not seeing many positive comments about the sight, but the camera sounds like a great deal. Do I take a chance on the purchase? Or do I spend a little more somewhere I know. How do I know the camera is really brand new? Anyone have any advice?

I just bought a camera via this way and received it today.

Basically however Woot gets their deals, its an Amazon deal as mine came from Amazon Fulfillment.

So no worries on a used camera, it WILL be new!