Samsung 16.2MP CCD Smart Wi-Fi & NFC Digital Camera

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Samsung 16.2MP CCD Smart Wi-Fi & NFC Digital Camera
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to check out the product page and check out this review over at

Good reviews over at Amazon

For the sake of clarity:

Think of this camera as a compact camera on steroids. While it has a much longer zoom lens and other features, it is NOT a DSLR and will not handle as such in most situations.

There is only a screen on back, no true optical viewfinder or the EVF finders that you look inside to find a tiny electronic screen.

This means, for example, that in bright outdoor light, you will not easily be able to see the big screen to properly compose the shot and you have not alternatives.

Those with poor close-up vision who hold a magazine at a distance to read it will do the same with this camera screen, and that is a very shake-prone thing.

Does this mean it is a bad camera? No. As long as you understand you are getting a glorified compact camera that LOOKS like a DSLR, you’re fine.

I mention this because there is a big switch to DSLRs by enthusiasts who find that even ILCs fall short of their needs.

PS: The specs say the maximum aperture is F/3.0. This is partially true. It is F/3.0 - F/5.9 and will spend most of it’s time at F/5.9.

Where you can buy it NEW with full warranty for $45 more.

Exactly, At only $45 more. I prefer to have the a new camera with the full warranty!

Well, I went the Amazon route for a few reasons.

  1. Mfg. warranty is 1 year and Discover doubles that.
  2. New vs. refurb (not that I have had any real issues with woots refurbs, but a single dead pixel or lens scratch and it can go back this way)
  3. I pay for Prime and will have this on Monday
  4. No hoops to jump through if it doesn’t meet my needs or expectations (If I want to return or defective)
  5. I used my Cashback Bonus to pay for it.
  6. No tax either way for me so it was only a $45 upgrade for Mfg warranty vs. woot return only warranty (woot historically will not have replacements)
  7. Because I had a choice thanks to the comments.

I would recommend staying away from Samsung refubs. I bought a similar Samsung refurbished camera earlier this year with a limited 90 day warranty. On day 140 it stopped working. Tried 3 times to contact Woot to see if they would or could do anything to help and have still not had any response. No more Woot refurbs for me.

And after 3 more hours of review reading…the thrill of this camera wore off quick. Every review states picture quality is mediocre at best.

Just hit the cancel shipment button on Amazon. Even canceled a case which was a good deal for $6.99

How can they claim a 22.3mm ultra wide angle lens if the 35mm equivalent is 25mm?