Samsung 16.2MP Digital Camera w/26x Optical

Take a look at some reviews direct from Samsung


Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Very good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

Seriously, you couldn’t find a video review where you could actually understand what the reviewer is saying?

This would make a great X-Mas present for the kids.

Geeez! How bout “thanks for the video” ?
GO do your own research.
Looks like a great buy…

Seems like a good deal. I’ve always wanted a camera where I can shut off the mic while recording video so the sounds of my breathing, wind blowing, cars going by, etc. can be eliminated. Does anyone know if the camera has that feature?

The video was fine. Had no problem understanding him.

At the price, the camera is a steal. My canon s3 broke down and this could replace it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately the cmos chip looks kinda old… 720p video and 30fps max. I would pass simply because I am looking for 1080p video (pretty much I am going to invest in a high end phone that will offer a high end camera too). But is pictures are what you’re looking for or 720p is fine, id prolly spring on this.

I don’t konw how old your kids are but young people generally like portability, so these DSLR-like bridge cameras may be too big to be useful. In fact, many young people believe that smart phones have made cameras obsolete – just like wrist watches.


  • It’s a great price for a bridge camera (more features than point-and-shoots but less than DSLRs).
  • Has Optical and Digital stabilization
  • Has a 3D photo mode which is pretty effective
  • Many Samsung cameras have been lauded for its lack of distortion
  • I’m not positive about this model but Samsung is unique in that all [?] their cameras are able to pause while video recording. Other makers only have this feature on their high end models. Being able to pause is VERY useful for various reasons, and it’s the reason I’m partial to Samsung digital cameras.
  • Uses H.264 compression with an MP4 container. That offers high compression with universal playability.
  • It’s red!


  • Only 720p video. Many cameras can now handle 1080p.
  • Mono audio.
  • No RAW format. Purists prefer their photos with minimal processing. JPG compression often result in artifacts
  • It’s red!

Because it matches my Tundra…

What is the reason I Need this camera, Alex?


The “comes with” list doesn’t mention a memory card or a user manual. Does anyone know if this comes with a memory card and a manual?

Seriously ? No,no seriously?

None of these cameras come with memory cards. But SD cards are so cheap now that it’s irrelevant. You can pick one up for ten bucks anywhere. Regarding the manual, it will either have a paper one, or a disc, or a link to a web site. Again, pretty irrelevant to the performance of the camera.

Looks like a great deal for the money but I just can’t deal with not having an optical view finder. I have to believe this will sell out quickly.

I’ve read some of the reviews, and have heard “it takes a while to process images between shots” from more than one site… my first thought was “is it possible that the class of the SD card is limiting transfer speeds”. The camera’s lack of 1080p support, and the fact that its discontinued on Newegg seem to suggest its an “older” model, so I was wondering if there was a chance it couldn’t use class 10 SD cards… or if it “wouldn’t make a difference”. Anyone know anything?

I’ll check back later to see if you posted your own video,thanks.

Too bad it takes 4 AA batteries. You’ll have to keep plenty of those babies on hand.