Samsung 16.2MP Digital Camera w/26x Optical

Have owned this bridge camera since March, and it’s good, really good! As easy to use as a compact camera, with a lot of the qualities of a dslr. Lots of features, nice heft, batteries last a LONG time! Takes great macro and zoom pics, has preset shooting modes, including movie and panorama, plus you can set it for manual use, too, with meters and histograms. Good for anyone who wants to transition from phone/compact camera to a full blown DSLR. Love it!

I just purchased this camera off Woot about 2 weeks ago (for a dollar more sigh).

To answer someone’s question: there’s a “Quick Start” pamphlet in the box, but you download the full user’s manual as a .pdf from the Samsung site.

I think this is a very nice camera, particularly for the money. My only complaints are: the zoom wheel is slow, with not very fine adjustment ability, and it’s not conveniently placed. All my other cameras have had zoom bars or buttons which you press with your thumb while keeping one finger on the shutter release. With the Samsung you have to take your shutter finger off the button and reach it forward to manipulate a small wheel, then back to the shutter button. Very frustrating. It also takes too long to process between shots (no fast sports sequences, that’s for sure) and it’s pretty lousy at macro photography.

But it does have a lot of nifty effect features, and other than the complaints above it does take solid looking photos once you do get it zoomed in to your liking…and it’s not macro.

I haven’t taken any vids yet.

All in all, for less than 80 dollars I don’t think you’re gonna do better.

And it matches my wife’s hair!

The user manual for the black model is here. But I don’t see one expressly for the red camera—I guess you’re out of luck.

A very useful/informative post (see why you have over 400) that I concur with 100%. I would like to also add, while is is not as small as a point and shoot, it is smaller than a DSLR. The point and shooter that does not want to go any larger may not like this but, the DSLR owner that is looking for a back-up that has more features than you typical P&S yet is smaller, would love this. Also, a one camera person that is not caught up in the “needs to be as small as possible” would love the reletave small size and weight along with some pretty darn awesome features. $80 for this much camera is a fantastic deal. Of course there is that fact it is a refurb. For $15 more you can pick up a one year warranty. So that would be $95 and still a bargain plus, if there is a problem it most likely would show it’s ugly head in that year long period. It makes it a year, probably no gremlin waiting to destroy you camera. All in all, this is a great deal on a very good camera.

Does anyone know how much video I can take? How do I upload video to a DVD or computer and is this tedious? Ive been looking for a cheap camcorder to record my kids and This looks like I can kill two birds with one stone. Thanks

WOW!! It was pretty clear to me. Maybe your English it not that good. hehehe

Thanks for the video. Helpful

I bought this when offered a couple weeks ago. Packaging incomplete, no original box. It’s not supposed to come with a card. It is supposed to come with batteries which were missing. The lens cap was missing the tether (what good is a lost lens cap?) and they gave me $5 refund for that. There is no hard copy manual, only a quick start guide. Manual is pdf on line. Software is loaded in the camera, installs to computer on first use. Software immediately tries to catalog all existing images on computer in thumbnails, a space and memory waster if you already have a photo library program or just want to use native OS software. The software is worthless, demanding a current version of flash when it’s already installed, and will not even allow photo display but rather just keeps demanding new flash. Samsung support proved to be clueless on this problem. Turns out photos can only be viewed in slideshow, which requires the phantom flash version. The only way to view photos is to select them for edit. Nice camera, terrible software, careless shipping and packaging.

Received my camera in the mail today and am very disappointed in the condition. Immediately noticeable upon removing the camera from it’s bubblewrap casing was a large chunk of lint/fiber on the front lens. I went to blow it off only to discover the lint is INSIDE the lens. It doesn’t currently seem to interfere from what I noticed on the viewfinder with the photos, but if the lint shifted any, it would cause a significant visual obstruction. Also, the edges of the plastic border on the lens is obviously chipped up. I will have to contact samsung to see what my options are.

How disappointing. I guess I’ve been lucky, but this is the first time I have ever purchased a refurb/reconditioned product from anywhere and had an issue with it.

EDIT: Got off the phone with Samsung support (dialed the number that came in the package) and they emailed me a pre-paid UPS label to send the camera back, with repair time being 7-10 business days. No hold or wait time on the phone and the CSR was very helpful. Will post again once the repair process is complete.

No bueno! I hope Samsung can help, but if not, you can always reach out to Woot Support, too. Make sure to include your user ID and order number.

My warranty was held up once the camera reached the repair depot because they said the camera was “out of warranty” despite my being told the repairs would be covered under warranty. Samsung asked for $50 to complete the repairs. I got on the phone with a CSR who condescendingly explained that I had bought a “refurbished unit”, not a “new unit” and issues are to be expected and it doesnt come with a warranty. I obviously argued and my call was escalated to another department, who determined after a quick review of the case that they just needed a purchase receipt from me for the unit to verify I had made a claim within 90 days of purchase to push the repair through. I was able to provide that and the repair proceeded. The camera is supposed to be on its way back to me as we speak.