Samsung 16.3MP Digital Camera with Wi-Fi

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Samsung 16.3MP Digital Camera with Wi-Fi
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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at and need support? Check out Samsung’s support page

I have the older version of this; the 250F, and I cannnot recommend it enough. Seriously. just can’t.

I’ve shown off some of the really interesting features of my camera to lots of my friends who have been very jealous (like the fact I can control it and it’s viewfinder from my cell phone). This camera has a better zoom and 16.3MP compared to the 14.2 I have, and I’ve been very happy with the one I got.

It has some other really great features, like a bounce flash (the flash pops up, and you can use it normally or turn it to the ceiling to avoid red eye and flash glare), posts to FB and other media easily, backs up to your computer with wifi, and a rechargable battery that lasts me about a month. This squirrel was taken at about 15 feet, through a double hung, closed screen window, on a cloudy day.

THis picture is a straight forward shot, taken about a foot away, of a stuffed toy that was part of a yarnbombing at a science fiction convention:

So you can get an idea of the detail, I uploaded the full 5mb original picture of the octopus here:

Lots and lots of the pictures that are available in my professional cookie decorating pinterest displaying my work were taken with this camera; basically everything after the grey kittycat, except for the picture of me using this camera to shoot some video:

(that includes the youtube video of the bacon cake, if you’d like to see what the video is like. I find it exceptionally clear).

And this picture of raspberries was taken by my friend’s 2.75 year old, if you’re wondering about the autofocus :slight_smile:

Obligatory cat:

the remote viewfinder is really great for things like parades; stick it up on pole, or even in your hand, and you can ‘see’ everything from that vantage on your camera. It’s also been handy for selfies and group shots that can be taken from a distance, without needing to set a 10s timer or something.

Also it was surprisingly helpful the last time I dyed my hair; I put it on the shelf behind me, held the cell phone in front of me, and could see, live, that I was getting all the dye in properly with no missed spots :wink:

Does this come with a memory card? If so what capacity is it? I can’t seem to find that information here.

It does not come with a memory card.

It can accept the following cards:

Memory cards are now very cheap, and unlike the early days not usually included at this price point.

Most of the cards that were included years ago had really tiny capacities, and were almost not worth having.

Looks like a nice, cheap camera. Do note that the lens will spend most of its time at F/5.9. This means you will have to use a higher ISO if you are trying to get those indoor gym shots. And even then, you may still not stop fast action.

If that is your goal, get the right tool for the job.

I had the previous version as well - the WB250F - and was solidly impressed. A great little camera. In fact, the result of the camera was that I returned the WB250F and bought a Samsung NX1100 instead.

Samsung’s cameras are getting better and better every day, and they’re putting that tech into their phones as well now. :slight_smile:

a friend of mine has this camera, it takes pretty decent pics.

Hello, i have a few questions about the remote viewer.

Can the remote viewer can be used without a overarching WiFi connection? Meaning if I am in the middle of no where can i just do a ad-hoc connection between my phone and the camera?

Can you start and stop video recording in remote viewer or is it just images?


This has been my main question, if someone can provide an answer it would be much appreciated. I was wondering if this works with bluetooth?? I would like to be able to take a family portrait type shot outdoors while setting the camera up somewhere and using the iPhone as a viewfinder to capture the right shot. Thanks!!

rklenka & kappelzs: It sounds like it requires Wi-Fi per our description but the manual is linked on the product page so you can hunt there for more info.

Product Page with link to manual on right margin

Its still a bit vague:

But it looks like it can be done ad-hoc just between the two:

Note: For iOS devices, turn the Wi-Fi feature on in the smart phone and connect to the camera before opening the application.

Select the camera from the list and connect the smart phone to the camera.
Using the camera, allow the smart phone to connect to the camera.

Note: After the first time, the camera and smart phone will connect automatically.

Reviews on the App (Android) store says it does work just between the camera and the phone.

Now if only i can figure out if it will remote view for videos…

Looks like you can not on the iphone app, so i would assume you can not on the android app as well.

That’s too bad

Thanks for the link. If I am understanding correctly it looks like you do not need wifi to take the picture remotely from your smart phone. So you could use this feature in the woods or anywhere without wifi, which is what I was wanting to do. The app reviews seem to indicate this as well:

So it looks like the only thing you can’t do is use the remote feature to take video?

Yes, it can! You need WiFi to back things up to the computer, but the connection between my camera and my phone (a cheap LG android) is direct. I can use that function anywhere.

it requires WiFi/a router to back up to the computer. It does not need it for the remote viewer ‘in the field’ so to speak.

I really want to take a bite on this since it’s almost $70 cheaper than new on Amazon, but I am wary of refurb products.

Anyone have experience with a refurb Samsung product? I see it has a 90-day warranty. What process does Samsung go through to refurb their product? Is it as precise as, for example, Apple’s re-certification process?