Samsung 16CH 1080p 2TB Security Sys w/10 Cameras

I own one set of these and wanted more cams to add to my current system which I installed in November. So I purchased another set here on Woot. The individual cams alone are $99 a piece cheapest I have seen so it was more economical for me to buy another set and have a backup DVR and replacement cams should the need arise. As these systems go this is a bargain and the quality is very good. You won’t be reading license plates driving up and down your street as the focal lengths are fixed and the zoom is a digital zoom but you will know what’s going on around your home when you are there or not there via searching recorded data or the remote view app from any computer or mobile device with network connectivity. I have reviewed video showing me the truck that ran my garbage can over a few days before Christmas and the two boys weekend before last that thought at 1:07am in the morning it would be funny to bend my mailbox sideways. Luckily for the mail lady whom I suspected hit it I was able to determine I just hadn’t noticed it before she arrived with my mail.

My best advice for installation sketch your house and determine the best coverage for you. Be sure crisscross the camera views every other camera as this provides excellent coverage without any uncovered paths to your home’s perimeter. You can fine tune your camera’s positions with your mobile device by using the app while you adjust each camera. Also while not sold in this set you can purchase incognito microphones for specific cameras to capture audio and the DVR does have several audio inputs.

Hey all- Just a quick note, the “Condition” was changed to “Factory Reconditioned” from “New”. The 1yr Samsung warranty is still correct, though. Sorry for any confusion!

Hello, I am thinking about purchasing this. How are the cameras powered? Do I need to run a wire from each of the cameras throughout my house to plug them in, or are they solar powered or battery operated?

They are powered by the cable that runs from the dvr to the camera.

Not cool, I bought the believing they were new.

Customer Service is aware of the change. You can contact them to arrange to return the product if you like.