Samsung 19" SE450BR LED SXGA Monitor

OMG, finally WOOT has a monitor that is in the format of 5x4 instead of that 16x9 format. (I think they have had a 5x4 monitor in the past but I have CRS)
What’s up with that you say, well having a 5x4 format monitor allows for web pages as well as Documents to be viewed in a more realistic perspective that what 16x9 will do. Means easier on the eye’s.
These are great for general document presentation or reading where the document is 8x11.5. Having an Resolution (Aspect Ratio) of 1280 x 1024 (5:4) give you great readability.

Woot appears to have forgotten to mentioned that this has swivel tilt and pivot abilities.
full specs here.

My first LCD monitor that was given to me was 19" 5/4. it was almost exactly the same size as my previous 21" crt monitor and text was much easier to read on it at native resolution and games played great as I think mine was also a IPS screen.
hey also come in handy for testing new builds when you don’t want to unplug your main setup just to make sure it boots and test and setup stuff.
If you need a backup or do a lot of document reading this is a nice monitor and pretty cheap too. This format is getting really hard to find new as everyone wants widescreen now.