Samsung 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Wireless Subwoofer

Are there dimensions, or model number(s) so we can download the users’ guide? My existing sound bar is too tall & blocks the remote sensor for my TV, so I’m looking for a slimmer one.

The specs say:
Subwoofer: Wired 5.25"

But then it says:
In the box: Samsung 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Wireless Subwoofer (your choice 120 or 300W)

Which one is it, wired or wireless? Model numbers would be great.

Can you utilize this as a center channel speaker in a 5 speaker setup?

They’re both wireless. Sorry about that.

Correct: The cheaper one is wired.

Model numbers are now included, HW-JM35 and HW-JM45. Thing is these products have a subwoofer and a soundbar, but the description says nothing about the soundbar. It’s a high price if they broke it up and only send the subwoofer so it “seems” it should be the whole product, but it’s not clear.

It includes the noted 37" soundbar.

Is it a Samsung Factory Refurb…??

How long is the warranty…??

It is not a Samsung refurbished. Warranty is 90-day Woot.