Samsung 20.3MP 20-50mm Lens Smart Camera

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Samsung 20.3MP 20-50mm Lens Smart Camera
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Come on woot. I just bought this from you a week ago for 15 bucks more. Throw me a bone?


Reviews over at B&H Photo

I’ve had this camera for a while and I mostly like it a lot. It’s smaller, lighter and cheaper than an SLR, but still has the flexibility of changing lenses (I got mine as a kit from Costco that came with a couple of lenses, big memory card, etc.). Samsung should keep making NX bodies, so I’ll be able to upgrade and keep the lenses down the road. Once you start buying lenses, of course, you’re buying into that ecosystem.

The picture quality is great, it’s easy to use the various auto modes, or play with the manual modes if you like. My biggest gripe is that the viewscreen washes out too easily in bright sunshine. The screen doesn’t tilt like the NX3000, so if the glare angle is wrong, there’s not much you can do about it. There is software to use your smart phone as a viewfinder, but I haven’t experimented with it much in those circumstances.

Mirrorless cameras are sort of weird middleground. If you never want to change lenses, probably better to go with a good point-and-shoot. If you think you might want to get really serious about photography and take advantage of the full range of lenses and technology out there, start with a cheap SLR in a good ecosystem and grow from there.

I’m squarely in that middleground and very happy with the NX2000. At some point I’ll upgrade the body to something with a tilt screen.

$210 is cheap entry into the interchangeable lens world, but most of the lenses cost more than that. Make sure that’s what you want to do before heading down that road…

In the box it states that the Hot shoe flash comes with the camera, however, the photos do not show any flash with the camera. Just wanted to double check that, in fact, the flash does come with the product.

I’ve had this camera for about 6 months. Great photos with one caveat, image stabilization is not great (or non-existent). Samsung has now included image stabilization in the newer NX lenses, however the included lens does not have image stabilization built in. But still a great price if you are looking to dive into mirrorless cameras. I’m guessing I will upgrade lens in a couple years when the kiddo starts playing sports.

I have another brand of camera with a similar configuration and I must admit I use it a lot. I prefer zoom lenses that are NOT motorized and some day I may buy another lens. Long-time users and enthusiasts quickly find that there are often third-party adapters allowing you to put on all kinds of old lenses. But like buying a fish-eye lens, the novelty wears off, especially when you realize you are 100% manual, including focus.

The entire look and function of digital cameras is moving away from the traditional form-factor of film rangefinder styles (Leica types) and single lens reflex types. Mirror boxes, optical viewfinders, knobs and more are soon to be referred to as “retro.”

What lens fit this camera,I have cannon and sony. It looks like great deal. I long lens would cost more than the camera!

I think this is what you’re looking for:

Lens Mount Samsung NX

Confirmed that it comes with the flash. Here’s pics:

I’m wondering what the minimum focal distance is. I take photos of orchid flowers, and sometimes they are TINY. I want a camera, but it has to have a macro function.

Would love it, but white only? Seriously?

I got a white Nikon J1. Think of white cameras as standard issue for NASA space missions if using one makes you feel insecure.

Actually, seriously, white is better in hot climates and it is easier to see some controls in low light!

Is this, or are there any similar to this that are waterproof? DSLR is too much to make waterproof, but this would be excellent for underwater photography!

Brand new with both the 20-50mm lens and a 50-200mm lens for $529 on Amazon. The extra lens alone is $280.

“Continuous Shooting for Fast-Moving Subjects”

Now THAT will be fun to watch someone doing in the bright sun with only a screen on the back.

Camera design is flopping around in what is shaping up to be the last gasp of mechanical DSLRs.

Perhaps a wire frame or something could be made to help frame the shot, like on old Speed Graphic cameras.

It’s waterproof until you get it wet.

No. But there may be housings for some models. Look up Ikelite.