Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera

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Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera
Price: $189.99
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Discussion from a previous offer

I got one of these new on woot for like twice this price. IMO a really good camera. Good battery life, a lot of manual options and settings, but also a lot of automation when you want it.

If you want more options than a typical point-and-shoot has, but don’t want to shell out the money for a DSLR and the subsequent time you would feel necessary to put into making photography a hobby to justify the expense of said DSLR…this camera is for you!

Here are some samples; uncompressed if you really care to study the finer details, or lack of depending on how much detail you are expecting, within the images (who are we kidding, most photos are seen through facebook anyway so most people aren’t super nit-picky about image quality, sensor-size, etc.).
samples link–>

As a side note, I lost the lens cap like a week after I got it and haven’t been able to find a replacement that fits right. Woot, you should be so kind as to sell me a lens cap. Please :slight_smile:

According to the product images, the kit lens uses a 40.5mm lens cap. Search for them on Amazon, and get a lens cap keeper with it. It wraps around the lens and sticks to the lens cap so you never lose the cap again.

Hope that helps!

IF it had a larger aperture I’d buy in. Need something with at least a 2.8

This is an ILC, if you want faster aperture, just get a faster lens. There are several very fast (and very well rated) nx mount lenses in this list from B&H

The BenQ compact offered here a while back was around $50 and had a f/1.8 lens (at least until zoomed, then it dropped to 2.8)
Check the Mothership. I bought three of them.

Does this camera work with Windows 8/8.1? Specs only mention XP and 7. Thanks.

Never mind; it works with all windows & mac operating systems.

liked your panoramic shots…always hate being at such panoramic places where a mere photo doesn’t even come close to capturing the vastness of what you are seeing.

Good point.

30mm f/2.0 NX Pancake Len

But they cost quite a bit!

I recently bought the very similar NX2000 and have been very, very happy with it.

If you’re looking for a great camera at a great price, this is a very good choice!

The comparable Sony cameras have a smaller sensor, which results in (theoretically) lower image quality, especially in low light situations.

I see that you can switch the lenses out with other Samsung lenses, but these are fairly expensive. Do the generic lenses fit on this Samsung model as well (Tamron, etc.)?

What Sony camera are you referring to? The NEX line uses APS-C same as this model.
Now if you are comparing this to a Sony compact in the price range of what Woot is selling this, then yes it has a bigger sensor,

I have this camera and it’s a beauty. It connects by magic to other Samsung stuff like Galaxy Notes and Cell phones and tabs. It’s a jewel to handle, light, solid, and powerful. Did I say it captures great images.

Ugh to late, Woot, I want one!!!

Nice! Do you know what model?

Also thanks ; )

The prices on the lenses really are not very expensive at all. Very good quality optics for much less money than the competition charges for its lenses. And when talking about any camera system, you’re buying it for the lenses, not the camera body itself. Samsung seems dedicated to the NX mount, and they have really taken a lenses first approach, producing some top notch stuff for much less than their competition (like Sony, Olympus, Panasoinc…) is charging.