Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera

**Item: **Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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We… just switched items for the day after a sellout?

Wait… What?

Good reviews at Amazon and Best Buy and BHPhotoVideo


Yeah seriously what is going on? The just decided to sell something else after a sellout? like a mini woot off?

I picked up this camera at the last woot. Like last week. I like it. It is my upgrade from many point and shoots, but before pulling the trigger on a DSLR. I haven’t had a chance to really figure out all the goodies, but I have not gotten it to be “smart” and use WiFi to upload the pics to my phone. I don’t find that the magic filter things work all that well, a friends iPhone seems to take better hipster pictures, but I didn’t get the camera for that.

It is very lightweight, btw, I think i have heavier PnS cameras.

How much is Samsung paying you for this misinformation campaign? MS Paint is clearly capable of much higher quality work than you demonstrated, as seen here:

This is clearly a comparison of operator capability, NOT of the inherent quality of these two products. Woot should be ashamed of this highly misleading and in fact downright defamatory posting. I hope that Microsoft’s lawyers will soon be in touch.

I bought this model from woot a few months ago. WoW is all i can say. the images are great and the support for interchangeable lenses is also a plus as i have moved to a 20mm lense with great aperture for only about $200 more and now its pocketable.

But with the stock lens kit its great and once you update the camera you get increased speed in the menus and burst shooting.

we’ve been doing this recently as a way of enhancing your Woot experience and snatching more of your dollars.

yeah calling a competing companies product “garbage” is pretty unprofessional and immature.

Thanks for the info… Guess I need to check woot more closely… and stop being so old school. :slight_smile:

I don’t think they put in the right images… A Paint MS looks a little more like this:


sorry. forgot where I was.

20 megapixels and it will upload straight to twitter and facebook, who will immediately remove 19 megapixels worth of resolution. :frowning: Nice concept, but no place worth sending the pix except a home NAS.

Looks like it is only $315 and free shipping over at the mother ship? So only a $10 savings on woot?

Just say’in…

I like woot, but why would I pay only $10 less then I can get it from Amazon (with all the benefits) and then have to wait 2 weeks to get it?

AVspec, great minds think alike!

Anyone know if there’s a max video length? Thanks.