Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera

**Item: **Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera
Price: $279.99
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Condition: New

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Sit back and watch this video [youtube=OZLMDrFva-A][/youtube]

Maybe I’m missing something on the specs, but it looks to me like there is no Macro mode. Feh then.

I bought this during the last woot off for $20 more.

Thoroughly impressed. Great feature set and takes adequate pictures.

$70 for a 3 year accidental damage warranty through Square Trade and it’s my new camera to take backpacking!

I own this as well. It is a fantastic camera with great manual controls. I would recommend it.

I don’t know much about Samsung cameras but I believe this has interchangeable lenses. Thus, it’s not the body (which is what you are buying) that gives you macro capability but the lens.

Does this come with flash???

Built-in Flash: Yes

I think there’s some incorrect info on the spec sheet. I don’t think it has built-in flash but it does come with an attachable external flash.

[MOD: Good point. We removed it.]

Does it have GPS?

I just watched the video and they briefly mentioned the GPS and geotagging capabilities.

GPS is an optional external add-on that can be used in place of the flash.

I don’t think so since you can buy an external GPS attachment like the flash.

We got this during a recent sale for $20 more, and, wow, it’s really quite a fine camera in its niche. I’m happy with it!

A couple observations: somebody asks if it has GPS. The answer is yes, sort of – there’s an accessory you can buy for it that will enable geotagging, but “out-of-the-box” it does not.

Also someone asks about macro mode and is (correctly) answered that, well, there’s macro lenses. Well, yeah, but the question says you’re looking for something like those little camera where there’s a “scene” type mode telling the autofocus and camera settings that you’re trying to take a close-up photo of a really cool tick or a geranium or what-have-you. And the answer is – yeah, it’s got that. In fact it’s kind of nice that way – my wife tends to use the preprogrammed modes, of which there are many plus some “smart” auto-selection tools, and I’m a manual-focus, choose-your-own-aperture kind of guy, and it does that too. It really fills a great niche below the high-end DSLR you can’t take just anywhere and can’t afford, and the cameraphone, and Samsung seems to be doubling down on the NXs (albeit with radically different software/firmware in the “Galaxy NX”) so there’ll probably be more and more lens choices.

From the specs:

The bundled SEF-8A flash (GN8) mounts to the camera’s hot shoe. Flipping it up turns it on; flipping it back down turns it off again.

So it comes with an attachable flash… not a built in flash