Samsung 200W 4.1 Ch Bluetooth Soundbar w/Wireless Sub

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Samsung 200W 4.1 Ch Bluetooth Soundbar w/Wireless Sub
Price: $119.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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If any staff are listening, the proceed to check out button and place your order buttons are not working. I tried it on two types of browsers.
is there a lull in purchasing? There might be a reason for that.

The sound from the rear speakers is so low - even after you figure out the directions to max the rear speaker volume - that they are useless. Great sound from the front speakers.

I have a 65" Samsung. There is no way for my sound bar to connect. The television has no connection on the back of the set.

Are you referring to the sound level that is played when a rear (surround) signal is received, or are you thinking the rear surround should be playing the same audio as the front soundbar?
Surround only accounts for a smaller percentage of the audio that is played for most movies.

About a week ago Woot had another Samsung Soundbar offered. Prior unit was a -KM57, while this is a -KM37. Based on photos, similar comonents, possibly smaller soundbar or sub on this one.

I bought the '57 and rec’d it yesterday. Tested it last night for intended use as an iPhone Bluetooth sound system in a bedroom w/o TV.

Reasonably easy to set up after downloading and quick scan of manual from Samsung support page. Bluetooth was very easy to pair, far easier than most BT speakers/headphones I have. The only install hitch was the wireless sub and surround spkrs needed to be paired to the soundbar by pressing a hidden micro button when SB is on, otherwise easy peasy. I immediately suspected the button, just hadn’t read that page in user guide.

Sound was very good for music right off, with an expected (due to price point) lack-of-deep-bass, but then I noticed the sound control button on remote; Treble, Base, Sub adjustments! It then sounded fantastic. Better base for my old 70’s southern rock than I had heard in years! Up past midnight playing fav tunes and regretting only buying one unit. Just ordered one of these -37s for the guest room.
BTW, the slim box in the pictures is a wireless amp for the 2 little “surround” speakers. Those are supposed to be front surround spkrs within this package. The amp + speakers constitute a SWA-8000s Rear unit. So,they are implying in the description (adding an SWA-8000s) for this price, you could buy two sets, toss the sub and bar and use the amp+spkrs for rear and get 5.2 sound. The Surround unit separately is ~$300 on the mothership…

If you do not have a blue tooth TV, what connector is used ? There is no picture of the back of the soundbar or amp. Also if the tv is not blue tooth do you need to wire connect surround speakers? or are they connected blue tooth to the amp?

[list][] Bluetooth: Yes
] Optical Inputs: 1
[] USB Connectivity: Yes
] Bluetooth: Yes
[] TV SoundConnect: Yes
] Auto Power Link: Yes
[*] Bluetooth Power On: Yes

You would want to use the Optical Input for optimal sound quality.

See the User Manual for detailed connection information.

Mine look brand new, but there was no remote control. Is there anyway to get a remote? Is it hard to return to Woot?

I’m sorry about that. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.