Samsung 200W 4.1 Ch Bluetooth Soundbar w/Wireless Sub

did this say it only works with samsung tv’s?

Does this come with the power cables and remote?

It looks like SoundConnect* is only available on Samsung TV’s:


Sound Connect maybe Samsung only, but you may use Bluetooth to connect to TV’s or other devices.


I bought this last time it came up.

I like it a lot.
Yes, it works with my non-Samsung TV via optical cable
Yes, it comes with the wireless sub, and the wireless receiver with 2 rear satellite speakers
Yes, it has a remote control

Setup was easy, the wireless receivers came pre-paired, so everything just connected when it was all powered on. The one complaint I have is the default volume for the rear satellite speakers was very low (almost inaudible), but cranking it up to max brought it up to an adequate level.

Thank you for your feedback! Really appreciate hearing from happy customers :slight_smile:

So, you can raise the rear speaker volume independent of the soundbar? Just clarifying, Thanks.

No. Works on my hisense. Really glad i bought this

How are the satellite speakers powered?

My Google-fu says they connect to the wireless receiver (that tall box)

Three questions,

  1. Does anyone know if it came/comes with the wall mounting brackets? It shows them as an included item in the owner manual.

  2. In the picture, the display reads HDMI, but I dont see HDMI as an input. Am I missing something or is it the incorrect picture?

  3. Should this be able to be programmed to use with a universal IR remote? Or does it only receive a Bluetooth signal?

What type of input does this use? Can I plug in a 3.5mm into it? Is it usable without the rear speakers? (Amazon says “Inputs: 1 Optical, 0 Coaxial, 0 HDMI.” The front of the actual sound bar says “HDMI” on it.)
Another stupid question… how are the wireless surround sound speakers powered? Probably still going to need to plug them into an outlet using a power wire?
Found the Answer. The wireless speakers are connected by wires to the wireless receiver. The receiver provides the power via a wired power cord.

Did not function at first due to a glitch in the operator. Working fine now. Definitely an improvement in audio quality vs TV speakers. A+

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