Samsung 21.5" Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Is it just me or does Woot seem to have an over-abundance of TVs/monitors!?

Can a sound bar be added to this monitor?

Are you thinking one that attaches to the monitor? I looked on Samsung and they have them for their business sales but I don’t see that it’s compatible with this monitor.

They ran out of Dyson refurbs.

Only has HDMI and VGA so some of us would need DVI adapters.

Have read conflicting reviews on Best Buy site about whether or not this monitor is compatible with Windows 10 operating systems. Is it compatible with Windows 10 systems?

Any recent monitor should be compatible with Win 10 as long as your video card or output has the proper type of connection that the monitor supports. I only saw one review that says it doesn’t work with Win 10. I think it is some other problem. The monitor should run Windows without specific drivers.

lol! You spoke too soon! Check out today’s home!Woot -