Samsung 21.5" Full-HD Simple LED Monitor

Time to check out the product page

Description says there’s only video & power cables included with the screen in the box, but the pictures show a model that requires a separate power brick.

Also, the specs list weight with and without the stand, but the pic shows it has no standard vesa mounting holes so it can’t be used without the included stand.

Whut gives?

This appears to be the same model that I purchased a couple months ago, in which case the power brick is in-line with the power cord. You get about three feet of wire, your brick, and another three feet of wire. The cord doesn’t detatch from the brick.

I just picked this up couple weeks back. It’s VERY nice, I like the subtle design of Samsung that allows for touch controls giving it a more elegant design overall. I’m coming off an Acer LED which was throwing it’s last leg, no comparison as Samsung makes amazing screen tech.

This model was the better of two similarily spec’d monitors offered a couple weeks ago. It had better reviews. I like that it has HDMI, so it has better potential for future use.

Yes, it will come with a power adapter.

The dimensions with and without the stand came straight from Samsung’s specs for this model.

Why advertise full-HD like that is a big deal on such a big monitor? It’s not. In fact on anything over 17" full-HD sucks!

Only 1920 x 1080? Please! I won’t cast my eyes upon anything less than 8K HD.

I need to buy a monitor today to replace one that just failed. This one looks good, but I was thinking perhaps I should spend a bit more to get one a bit bigger.

Question: why would I want this 21.5" monitor for $105 when I can get this 24" one [url for $115. Could someone who knows more about this fill me in? Is one of these somehow better than the other? Or is the size and shape format pretty much the only difference? Thanks!

Not sure if this matters to you, but one has a HDMI, and the other doesn’t. Samsung has HDMI and VGA. AOC DVI-D and VGA.

Maybe the inputs: HDMI & VGA Vs DVI-D with HDCP & VGA?

So will it come off the stand or not?

DON’T BUY. Mine was dead 5 minutes after I turned it on. I contacted woot who informed me that it would be covered under Samsung’s warranty. Samsung informed that the 90 day warranty was no longer valid for a refurbished product. After contacting woot again and reporting the erroneous information they gave me, they then agreed to refund my money after I ship it back with the fedex label they emailed me. I am certainly not used to the runaround from woot. Customer service is normally better at woot but not this time around.

Sorry for the problem. Samsung should have helped you. You might have gotten a rep that didn’t know what they were doing.

We do need to get the item back to complete the refund. That’s just standard procedure.