Samsung 22" LCD TV Monitor

Samsung 22" LCD TV Monitor

If its limitations work for your use case, well, OK, but…

  1. It is connection-neutered, so a hassle to use as both a laptop/PC monitor and with FireTV/Roku/Apple TV. Only a single HDMI port. And don’t ask about good old DVI, VGA, or Display Port connections - none of those either.

  2. Apparently no remote:

In the Box:

  • Samsung 22" LCD TV Monitor

No word on whether a wall wart power supply or 120 VAC cord is included.

Powercord is included. :slight_smile:

Component input?? Makes you wonder where they found these?

These are better suited for the dumpster. You can find a much, much nicer display at this price. This site is so odd sometimes.

If you intend to use this device as TV as well as a monitor, you should note that the internal TV tuner is only compatible with South America. It doesn’t work in the U.S.