Samsung 23" Core i3 Touchscreen AIO



Good reviews on Amazon.

And it’s retailing for $1267.49 on their site!


NEVERMIND! Had the wrong one. Now it’s just the same deal…


yea but you can get on on ebay for less


Er no – that one has an i5 vs i3 processor, and 8GB RAM vs 6GB.


Doesn’t seem like a great deal, as I just bought an Asus model with similar specs (a bit less RAM and HD space) from the Egg for $499.
(sorry I can’t figure out how to link this)


You’ve gotta admit, this thing looks REALLY cool! If I didn’t already have a perfectly good computer I’d probably go for it. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s also going to be up here for a while :-/


I LOVE my Acer, got it last year for about the same price as you paid for yours and it’s a spectacular machine!


Nobody wants this. Nothing to see here. Move along to the next item please.


Wow, yeah we are going to be here a while. Only one unit has been sold so far. Anyone want to play frisbee?


This thing is going to move very slow…Ill have to check back on this woot-off at noon.


we want a Bag of Crap!


lol this is still over 90%?


Somehow it magically sold out! Thank god


As for the Amazon reviews, there are several which raise concerns with Windows 8 touch functionality (comes loaded with Win 7).