Samsung 24" Curved Full-HD Gaming Monitor

my main concern is the job the company will do when refurbishing, i ordered this monitor and it has yet to arrive and since browsing other items it seems the quality of the refurbishment was almost non-existent as if the company sends it even if it looks like it came out of the scrap yard. im hoping this isn’t the case with these monitors as it would be a pain if it was all scratched up and broken looking

Is there any way to get a notification when more of these are in stock? Missed out on the first batch, and would love to get my hands on one.

We don’t have notifications. :frowning:

Some third party sites, like, do though.

My monitor came on 10/18/2017. Screen has several horizontal gray lines along the top half of the screen. No option for Freesync Standard Engine or Ultimate Engine.

My monitor has been fine, i notice video is always a little too blurry and pixelated and I’m not sure why, I’ll try hdmi maybe.