Samsung 24" Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 24" Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $139.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.6 Stars over at Best Buy

I wish I could get a 2560x1600 in this size, or even smaller.

why no speakers!!! i hate having to go try to find speakers. just another thing i have no clue about.

Has Woot sold any Display port monitors? I have yet to see any. Hoping to see one soon!

I don’t think so but you can get an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter. They’re not that expensive. I had to do that for my son’s Wacom monitor. Worked like a champ.

The third image shows two HDMI ports, one above the other. This doesn’t seem to be in line with what the specs are, nor what Samsung’s page shows.

Yeah, looks like Samsung has the wrong photo as well. Here’s what I found in their manual for this monitor:

The manual is under Support on this page.

Monitor makers, please make VESA mounts on your big monitors!! Can’t stress this enough. I was interested in this (and several others that have been on here in the past few weeks) and no VESA mount. GRRR

My 27" 1440p monitor has DisplayPort (a woot purchase a while back). They’re there… just not very often.

Also, DisplayPort to any other adapter type adapters are all $12-20ish on the mothership or other sites.