Samsung 27" 1080p Touch of Color Monitor

No VESA mount holes? Why would any monitor not have a mounting option at this point? It is absolutely brain-dead to omit such a cheap and obvious feature.

Agreed, I recently upgraded both my monitors to VESA arms and I can’t believe I waited so long, it’s so awesome. No VESA is a deal killer now.

On Reddit there are posts that claim you can velcro a screen to a versa mount. Woot claims the thing weighs 11.5lbs with stand so call it 10 lbs hanging off your wall.

Velcro might be a feature not a bug if you want to table top mount it periodically.

This may be the last of monitors without listening devices, tip from another reddit forum, so you might buy it for that reason.

To bad it is not curved.

I ordered two of these because I needed an improvement over the small monitors I currently use for work, and importantly–these will work with my 4-year-old Dell 6420 laptop, which apparently I’ll have for another 4 years(!)

I ordered a similar model in June and the image quality has been very good. I’m sure that two of these for work will actually make me more productive as well as happier!

I’ve been hunting for a new monitor to replace my old but trusty 24" dell. This one gets good reviews from the Mothership, and the price sure cannot be beat. For 160, I’m throwing caution to the wind !!