Samsung 27" 1080p Touch of Color Monitor

I am not familiar with this model but love my Samsung monitor. One problem I have had though is no holes for wall mounting on most of them. I didn’t see any in this picture. Be careful if that is what you want to do.

“Full-HD” = marketing gimmick and BS for a monitor that should have a higher-resolution but they skimped out.

Yay… a 27" monitor with no more desktop space than a 17". Even a 24" should have at least 1200 lines.

A limit of 2 per household on monitors, really puts a crimp on grabbing a triple monitor setup.

1920x1080 is perfectly fine for many people. The fact that they make 1080p gaming monitors with Freesync and G-Sync should tell you that. It wasn’t that many years ago that all monitors were less than “Full HD”. You can adjust the size of text and graphics in your O/S. I just got a 4k monitor after my old Asus bit the dust. It was 26" 16:10 at 1920x1200 and perfectly fine for playing games and anything else.

Sucks, I ordered two of them. I got two entirely different monitors. One of them has SIGNIFICANT damage two it and the other one is not the model that I ordered. Please Help Woot!!!

I’m very sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.