Samsung 27" 1080p Touch of Color Monitor

I ordered this monitor and received it very quickly and it was in great condition. The only complaint I have is that I was sent the wrong monitor. it is nearly identical and looks great which is why I am not upset, but this is the second time I have ordered something from here (out of 3 times in total) that was the wrong item. Woot has great customer service, because they will correct the mistake, but please get some glasses on your people loading the merchandise so they can get the right model number. Other than that I am completely satisfied.

Could you pls tell me what you received so we can look into the issue.

instead of the s27e390h model I received the s27d390h model.

Thank you. I’ll get the research started on this end. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance. Include that information about models in your contact to assist them as well.