Samsung 27" Curved LED Monitor - C27F591

Anyone use one of these types of monitors for general daily business use? If so, how do they compare to a traditional monitor of the same size?

Order arrived without instructions (no big deal) but is missing power cord - not good.

Woot customer support response was quick and offered to pay to return the whole thing, or credit me $25 to buy the part locally - which I chose.

Thank you Woot!

I purchased 2 of these on 02/15/17. One of the monitors arrived damaged and with a European power cord. I send a request for replacement based on the Woot FAQ. The 1st reply from stated that there were no more monitors so I couldn’t get a replacement Additionally, they told me that the monitor is covered by a 90 day manufacturer warranty and that I should contact Samsung for a replacement. I have since received 2 additional canned replies (these 2 are exact copy/pastes of each other)stating that they cannot replace the monitor and that I should contact Samsung. The 90 day warranty card they sent expressly states that damage during delivery IS NOT COVERED. Obviously I am not getting anywhere with these outsourced customer service reps. Does anyone know how I may escalate this issue to a customer service manager?

I’m very sorry. I’ll contact CS to see what’s going on.

Thank you Thunder. I was finaly sent a reply by someone who saw reason. I was issued a RMA for a full refund and Woot even took care of the shipping.