Samsung 27" Curved LED Monitor - C27F591

Why anyone would want every straight line to be distorted on their screen is beyond me. Why are you people buying curved screens???

Flat earth!

Less eye strain.

The curve means that the surface at the edges of the screen are a similar distance from the eyes as the middle, so the eyes and the eye muscles have less work to do in keeping the entire screen in focus.

On smaller screens this doesn’t make a big difference, but once you start increasing the size of the screen that close to your face it can become a problem.

Especially if you are in front of the screen for hours every day (and it’s worse for older people)!

And straight lines are still perceived as straight lines and not curved, because they aren’t really curved in the same plane they are being viewed in (like they would be if you view them from the above or below). Now they are in focus across the entire screen, actually making these lines straighter perceptually.

It’s people who both want a big screen and value the health of their eyes who would buy a curved screen. That’s it’s a Samsung is a big plus as well.