Samsung 27" Full-HD Curved LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 27" Full-HD Curved LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $159.99
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I suppose if you like graininess and fuzzy text.

Remember: “Full HD” is a marketing euphemism for “too low a resolution for this monitor size”. 27" should be 1440 vertical lines MINIMUM, but honestly at today’s prices there’s no reason to not get 4K at this point if you don’t want your eyes to hate you.

Plus this is VA and not IPS, so you’ve got poor viewing angles, poor color reproduction, and horrible response time. And the “curved” gimmick came and went once users realized it was stupid all along. There’s a reason junk monitors like this are so cheap and being blown out on clearance.

geez, those are tough words on a discount/deals site. its a 1080 monitor for $160 and not a bad size. for a random information wall display in a pinch that’s not bad and not that many people care about 4k yet. for games and entertainment it’s not that bad. It doesn’t say 4k anywhere on it, so if that’s what you want just go to a 4k tv and ignore this. I shoot video for a living and it’s only armchair techies and actual content creators that care about 4k right now. It’s not a ‘junk monitor’ it’s just not what you want.

I for one appreciate their comments. I only buy monitors every ~5 years, but still like to keep an eye on the discount ones. I was not aware of the “Full HD” misleading term, nor the difference between VA & IPS. I don’t care about 4K, but I am typically quite sensitive to blurs & other thing, especially lack of textual crispness. And even for a discount, it’s a good chunk of money I’d like spent well (even if as a portion of something better & a little pricier). It may be good as a wall display, but that’s probably a pretty narrow customer base, so not a great point of comparison. I assume wall displays need wide view angles, so I’m questioning how curved wall displays are functionally useful vs “cool”.

Thanks for the info! Helping me calibrate what I’m willing to spend if I want to upgrade (or just keep that money in the VR headset bucket).