Samsung 27" Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor

FYI, this is the second time I have ordered this white monitor (it was listed a few months ago), and the second time Woot sent me a black one. They claim in their email I just received, that they no longer have any white monitors in stock, yet this AD is not marked as Sold Out. Don’t bother with this one guys, you won’t get what you ordered.

UPDATE: Customer Service just told me to try ordering this monitor AGAIN, even though there are none left in stock. Smh.

Be careful with this product.

Monitor is low quality, contrast is probably the worst I’ve need in a monitor… and I had high expectations for Samsung.

Also, as the previous comment stated, you will not get this in white.

Guess Woot said it best, I was certainly the first “Sucker” on this purchase!

Don’t do the same.

I see they have finally changed the ad, and are no longer showing the white monitor as if it was available to purchase. They told me their “vendor” accidentally mislabeled boxes, and instead of taking the ad down right away (to save other customers from buying the completely wrong product), they would just keep selling the black monitors and would offer free returns. They also told me to buy another one from the same sale if I wanted white. I don’t plan on buying anything from this site again. You literally have no idea if what you pay for will be what you actually receive from them.