Samsung 27" Full-HD Wide Angle Monitor

I couldn’t be happier with the refurbished S27D590P I bought form woot! in June. Crisp, good color, the right size for what I need, and importantly–it works with both my home laptop and my 3.5-yr-old work laptop. A lot of the newer monitors require more than my laptops can deliver regarding the graphics abilities. I’m thinking about getting a pair of these to take to work, because my aging eyes can’t take the smaller monitors anymore…I’d be more productive without question.

I purchased the S27D590P when it was last offered here just a few weeks back. Instead of writing everything again, I’m just going to cut-and-paste the review I wrote on Amazon:

Amazon Review, August 2, 2015 -

Purchased one of these monitors (from, an Amazon affiliate) and recently received it. I am no monitor expert, and I bought it for three basic reasons: I was looking to upgrade to something larger than my HannsG 21.6"; I wanted a monitor with a much slimmer bezel; I am on a budget. This Samsung 27" monitor met my criteria and it is excellent. Other reviews here can give you much more detailed specs than I can, so I will only provide my personal observations:


  • Monitor came in like-new condition with no marks from either handling or use (the one I purchased from Woot was factory refurbished).
  • Excellent picture, clarity and brightness. No light bleed around the edges at all and no dead pixels anywhere.
  • As with many current monitors, the power supply is separate and the monitor itself stays very cool.
  • Easy to hook up and adjust.


  • No VESA mounting holes on the back (but since I don’t use a wall mount then it didn’t matter to me).
  • No power button. You have to use the joystick on the right lower back corner to access the menu to turn the power completely off if you ever need to.
  • No height adjustment and no swivel. Without a height adjustment it sits a little higher than my last monitor, and now I have to tilt my head back to use the bottoms of my bifocals to see the upper third of the screen. It has a -1 degree (forward) to a +15 degree (back) angle adjustment that does not help me because of the overall height - I’ll just have to get a higher chair!

= It didn’t come with a user guide. The joystick controls are a little unusual but pretty intuitive so it only took a little bit of practice to get used to them.
= The connectors on the rear panel are all facing directly out and not down. If it had VESA mounts (and you used a wall mount) then this would be inconvenient; however, since you can only use the included stand it does not matter. They are easier to use facing outward in my opinion.
= For some reason, my video card (Radeon HD4670 using their proprietary Catalyst Control Center software) automatically scaled the desktop size smaller on set-up, leaving a border. Once I found the setting, however, it was easy to change back to full-size. Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 made the problem reoccur, although this time I had to make an adjustment in my registry because the CCC software was not supported by Win 10. This is a known issue with Win 10 and the CCC software and I hope AMD Radeon gets it patched soon.

I am very pleased with this monitor and would happily recommend it for a casual, household user like myself on a budget.