Samsung 27” HD Widescreen LCD Monitor

Can this be used as a television when connected to a cable box with HDMI?

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Glossy or matte?

Here’s the manual

Refurbished versions on Amazon are more expensive.

yes. no problem.

Sure, but you’ll need something for audio too. This has no speakers. But it does have audio outputs.

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why don’t people know what capital L looks like?

I just ordered an HP2310M new for $180, any opinions on if I should return that and get this?

I dont know much about monitors but this seems like it could be a better deal!

Yes it can, can use to it to display anything you can to it via HDMI, just will need to get your sound from a sound bar or some other external speakers as this does not come with built ins.

I was hoping to get this to replace my current monitors for Video and Photo editing but after reading the specs, I’d have to pass. This is just a bloated up oversized monitor that meant to add a function that’s suitable for budget HD Viewing.

I’d be better if has better resolution.

If it’s for a computer, I would stick with the HP. If it’s for a video game system or watching movies, this might work better. But new always sounds better to me than refurbished. has the P2770FH model for $320 (free shipping) so, if that model is similar to this one, this is a very good deal. Newegg’s monitor is rated 4 eggs out of 5 over 62 reviews.

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This is silly. I have an excellent Hanns·G 28" monitor at home that is way better than the HP monitors I use at work.

As for refurb vs new, many refurbs are simply returns because the customer didn’t like it for some reason, not because it didn’t work.

Is this 120hz?

Using this exact monitor right now.
I paid 250ish+tx brand new at Bj’s black friday weekend. it was just under 300 right before not sure if the $40 instant is still good on it.
Excellent monitor though. i am very pleased with it thus far.

Nope 60hz

I bought the HD version of this model from newegg during their black friday weekend sales and love, love, love it! I’m using it as both an hdtv and monitor in the bedroom. It was $299 and so far, so good once I changed several of the settings.

Mine is matte which helps save my eyes (I write trashy romance novels and glare on shiny screens becomes an issue for me when editing for hours).

The only thing I am not in love with is the stand which if not on a sturdy desk can be a bit wobbly when typing away. Or when the washing machine in the next room is doing a load of towels and shaking the house. Or when our 40lb border collie runs up and down the hallway enthusiastically chasing a toy.

Oh! And I had one annoying stuck red pixel which I think has resolved itself (was really hard for anyone else to see though because this sucker feels so big coming from a 20").