Samsung 27" Full-HD Wide Angle Monitor

Buyer beware. These monitors have no warranty except whatever Woot will honor. I bought a refurbished Samsung monitor a couple of weeks ago. It came with a broken plug on the power supply. I tried to get Samsung to send a new power supply, as they should according to the warranty note that came with the monitor. Samsung refused to honor the warranty because Woot is not on their list of authorized dealers. Though Amazon is on their list, they don’t recognize items sold through the Woot subsidiary.

Woot offered me a $16 partial refund or an RMA of the monitor. I accepted the $16 because I don’t have time to ship the monitor back, but then found the Samsung replacement power supply is $35.

Not only are these crap deals on refurb monitors with no/useless warranty, the specs suck. Even the 27" is only 1080p. Reality-check: usually when you want a BIG monitor, you also want MORE PIXELS… not the same pathetic number of pixels as your old 17" or 19" monitor. Simply magnifying the same limited screen space is rarely anyone’s goal. Even 24" monitors that are only 1080p suck… if you go 24", you want at least 1200 lines. A 27" monitor should be at least 1440 lines.

Stay away from this garbage.

As a counter-point to the above comments, I purchased this Samsung 27-inch monitor when it was offered on Woot back in July. In fact, I’m using it right now on my desktop PC as I’m writing this. Here are my personal observations taken from actual use:


  • This monitor arrived in new condition with no marks, scratches, smudges or dead pixels.
  • Excellent picture and clarity.
  • Narrow bezel, light weight and the external power supply means the monitor stays cool.
  • 2 HDMI ports are a bonus.
  • Many options and settings, and can actually be made too bright to be comfortable.


  • The stand does not swivel or adjust for height. It only has a -1 to +15 degree tilt angle adjustment.
  • No VESA mounting holes - you can only use the included stand. Even if it did have VESA mounting holes, the input connectors on the back face directly out and not down which would interfere with many aftermarket mounts. However, since you can only use the included stand, the connection ports are easier to access facing out.

= No built-in speakers.
= No power button - you have to use the funky joystick control on the right lower rear corner to select Power Off in the menu if you really need it all the way off. However, it uses very little power in Stand-by mode.

This has been an excellent choice for a basic home user on a budget like myself, but probably not one for a hard-core professional spec comparer with money to spend. I bought it, I use it, I recommend it.

Completely agree with sremick. My 7-year old Dell 24" Monitor has 1920 x 1200 resolution. Why would I want to buy a monitor that’s bigger but with fewer pixels?