Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

I bought one of these, also refurbished, a few months back and I haven’t had any complaints about it for 4K gaming or other general use. Be aware that while DisplayPort supports 4K at 60Hz on this display, the two HDMI ports can only do 30Hz at that resolution.

I grabbed one of these a while back. Be aware that it has no VESA mounts, which is frustrating.

I also have never been able to get 4K out of it. My other 4K monitor works fine connected to the exact same video card, and port; but I can’t get this one to do it.

I still run it at 2K and it works very nicely.

I bought this new several months ago. It is ok for what it is, a cheap 4K monitor.

For gaming it is fine, and it handles 1080 input quite nicely. My gaming PC and PS4 are now connected to it - and while viewing angles (especially vertical) are horrendous, you won’t notice too much while in a game.

This monitor is absolutely horrible for a workstation though. If you are coming from even a midrange IPS display (I had attempted to replace 2 Monoprice Zero-G 1440 IPS displays with this), your eyes will bleed.

I’m a developer who routinely spends 12+ hours per day on a screen, I can only manage a few hours with this display before I feel fatigued.

Given the quality of the display, I’d recommend you stick with a midrange+ 1440p monitor for about the same price. At this physical size, the additional pixels don’t have much impact in game.

TLDR; this monitor compared to a midrange IPS, is like using a bottom tier dell laptop after a MacBook Pro.

I also had a hard time getting 4K @ 60. What I found was 1) only the display port input support 4K@60, HDMI will max at 4K@30 or lower resolutions @ 60, and 2) even with display port, there can be video card issues.

My old Radeon 7850 supposedly supported 4K, but the resolution would flicker quite a bit. Switching to a 970GTX resolved the issue.