Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

why is the 28" monitor NOT showing up in the community page as a new deal?

hep me hep me

update…well just forget it!! it is now!!

I see it on the community page.

me too…now…but its been lagging and pretty squirrley just recently

Now. The last few deals weren’t.

agreed…don’t think ever showed the weed wacker…or the B O C for that matter…i mean, before the main page had it!!

I looks like deals are only showing on the community page after someone comments on it.

^^ #accurate

Huh - am I missing, what is a “Community Page” ?

Will 4K scale so I can have more real estate on the screen rather than larger icons? I have this problem with “full HD” monitors.

Dang monitor - was at 9%, now 38%?!?

Yeah, maybe they found extra stock.

somebody please hep me… i’ve been hipmotized!

Woot is seriously broke. Community page problems, no weed wacker showing up now this monitor goes from 8% to 37%. Better call in some of those high paid IT people.

We didn’t buy them fast enough and they reconditioned some more.

(this keeps happening today, been a good day for Woot Killers)

I’ve been shopping on Woot for 10 years and have never won a bag of crap… I’m determined today. Keep missing it. Please oh please let this monitor sell out already.

Dad is actually looking for a 28" TV (which are pretty rare these days), so I was looking at this, but it doesn’t look like it can be mounted on a wall, which my dad already has an arm mounted for.
The search continues.

You just missed a 39" Vizio tv for less on the Electronics Woot. :frowning:

Thanks. 32" is too big for where he’s trying to hang it, but 28" would fit just right.
He’s trying to avoid 24, if he can find a 28.

Why is this community page not updating?? I depend on it to grab a bag

I saw somebody comment on it earlier that now (since Thanksgiving) items don’t show up on community page until someone comments on them.
Seems it’s usually Woot Stalker making the first comment.