Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor

Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor

I have this monitor, and it’s pretty nice. I love the 4k just for day to day use, but I’m a nerd and enjoy small, sharp text.


Also use this as my daily for coding and gaming. I think this one has FreeSync, but at 60Hz, it’s not terribly useful. Decent 4K monitor at this price.

I also have the previous model (no FreeSync or VESA mounts). Thinking about this as a 3rd, but I don’t think my desk is big enough for 3x 28"

Worth noting that the VESA mounting holes are awkwardly high on this. Not the end of the world but something to keep in mind if you are looking to use this with a monitor arm.