Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor
Price: $199.99
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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
10/23/2017 - $219.99

Why you gotta do this to me, Woot? I’m running on financial fumes and you list the exact model monitor I need for work at a killer price. Oh man. Food or more editing real estate? Decisions…

I bought this the last time it was offered. It’s nice for a cheap UHD monitor! Can’t really complain about the image, especially for the price. The resolution is pretty good for the display size, especially if you’re using it no more than a few feet away. It has holes for a VESA mount, but they’re at the top, however it’s not a big deal in practice. There’s even a bracket adapter thing (search Amazon for “B0741CFJVW”) that can shift the mounting point down a few inches if you need it.

I bought a reeeeally similar one here over two years ago for double the price and it was absolutely worth it. Colors, contrast, etc aren’t great, but there’s no arguing with 4K (especially from a brand like Samsung) for the cost. It makes editing my crazy timelines in Premiere immensely easier, as well as increasing my general productivity.

I definitely recommend setting Windows 10 scaling to 150% though. At default scaling, things get a bit squinty.

This is the previous one I bought:

This is a TN panel monitor which doesn’t have as good a color reproduction as IPS. Bonus points for Freesync, but only if you have a AMD video card.

semi-stupid question:
What’s in the Box doesn’t mention the stand, but the weight listed in the Specs tab does mention the stand - so is the stand included?

Yes, the stand is included.

Definitely true. On the other hand, you won’t see a 4K IPS monitor for $200 anytime soon.

Can anyone comment on what kind of screen tearing would happen with an NVIDIA geforce 1060? This has everything else I could want

If you’re asking “does this include the stand that’s obviously depicted in the product photos,” then yes, it does; I don’t know of any monitor/TV that ships WITHOUT a stand of some kind, even if it’s intended for the end-user to add their own VESA mount or arm.

If you’re asking does the WEIGHT listed include the total weight or the panel without the stand, well that’s a little more unclear, but FYI on a similar Samsung model the weight with the stand was ~11.6 lbs. and ~10.3 lbs. without it.

Screen tearing has nothing specifically to do with the video output or display you’re using. It’s a problem due to the lack of synchronization between the output & display, and would affect any similar combination of hardware, although software comes into play as well. For example, a 1060 would exhibit the same tearing on this 60 Hz panel with a given game as it would exhibit on any other 60 Hz display. A 1050 or 1070 would yield similar results; the important factor is whether or not the graphics adapter is outputting frames at a rate not equal to the display’s refresh rate. Vsync is an option in most applications that can prevent tearing, and Freesync & G-sync are alternate solutions as long as you have the requisite video cards.

I found this video to be pretty helpful with your question.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

good monitor for under $250 but you have to play with the settings as it looks pretty bad outta the box. My first reaction was return return but after spending 20 minutes adjusting the settings it looks much better. FYI, I am using HDMI and not DisplayPort.

I purchased that bracket on your recommendation and it does not work with these monitors in any way, shape, or form. Part of the monitors stick out in back to prevent flush fit. You’d need to buy much longer screws and standoffs to get it to fit, and even then it would block the ports.

For anyone else, don’t buy these brackets/extenders. The part that attaches to the monitor is HUGE; I could fit three 100x100 VESA brackets top to bottom over it and bits would still peek out, that’s how much of the back will be covered by metal, potentially blocking ports. 1/10, do not recommend these brackets.

The monitors are alright, though. I’ll use them more once I find a better solution to raising them for hanging.