Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor

Freesync is great but remember you need to have an AMD graphics card or it wont work.

What happens after 90 day warranty if it breaks down?

As much as I want this nothing refurb I have bought from Woot has turned out well. A Chromebook that had to go back to Toshiba twice and now is not assembled quite right and a Netbook that came with a crack in the plastic that I was stuck with because it was “cosmetic”. No thanks.

Agreed. I’m a big refurb proponent for the right items, but EVERY refurb item I have purchased from Woot has been returned.

Reminder on the VESA mounts for this monitor: They are ridiculously high, which means the monitor will sit really low.

That sucks, but things happen, and that’s certainly not the norm. I’ve made dozens of orders here and none have been canceled.

Bought this in a prior sale (Feb 2016 for $299). It had a very poor picture when using display port. I purchased another cable which corrected the issue.

These may be returns due to the poor cable not the hardware.

My experience was great, but buyer beware.

You kick yourself for not paying the $50 more and getting it brand new with full warranty.

Good price, but it’s a TN panel, not IPS. I just bought a new IPS Acer 28” 4K monitor with 4 cables included, HDMI, DP, mini DP, DVI, for $280 from B&H on sale.

There’s a box RIGHT THERE under “Features” for the Square Trade warranty available for this - if you click through you will find 1 and 2 year options.

I bought this item the last time it was a deal (end of November for $200)… still have yet to be able to use it. It was DoA (wouldn’t power on). Woot wouldn’t handle the repair, suggesting I went through Samsung, and I am still waiting for it to come back able to be used. Pretty disappointed.