Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor

Screenshot from Skyfall?

I’d buy this in a second if it was 144MHz. Sad.

There are VERY few 144mhz 4k monitors on the market and the ones that are, are VERY expensive. Just FYI. I looked into it when I bought my last monitor because that is exactly what I wanted too.

Additionally, to have a computer that can even make use of a 144mhz monitor and push that many frame rates in 4k resolution would be hard to find.

I think you guys mean 144 Hz.

MHz = Megaherz (overkill for refresh)
mHz = milliherz (not a very useful monitor).

The VESA mount spots on this is in a really awkward spot, so if you’re buying these to mount on arms, you’re going to need some height extension.

I had difficulty finding a mount adapter that gives some elevation that also would fit and not cover the ports on the back. Eventually I had to pick up some new bolts and spacers and push the whole thing about 3/4" forward of the extender just to get them mounted on my desk’s arms. It was a fairly ridiculous process, but if you’re just going to have them standing on your desk you don’t need to worry about it.

Exact reason why I did not buy one. I have two monitors (28" and 27")on my desk using a dual monitor stand.

Can I get any information on compatibility with a Macbook Pro? I’d use this monitor for my photography.

I find it interesting that Woot takes the liberty of arranging the reviews in decreasing order of stars, regardless of date. So you have to click through two pages of 5-stars before you get to anything less, and the one-stars are at the very end even though some are just weeks old. Isn’t this a little obvious?

The must’ve added the Sort By feature in the last 14 minutes. Obvious/not obvious

You can choose a different sort order in the upper-right corner of the window for All Deals.

It’s always been there. :tongue:

Users report that the HDMI ports do not support 4K@60Hz (They aren’t HDMI 2.0 compliant). Only the Display Port. This means any HDMI devices plugged into this display will be at 4K@30Hz.

30Hz is a painfully low refresh rate, even for desktop applications, let alone serious gaming.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Compatibility should be no problem, but this is a TN type of panel. For photography, you’d be far better off with an IPS panel. Better color representation and no issues with color shift with viewing angle.

Got this today for my MacBook pro and it’s so unclear. The words on chrome browser tabs are barely discernable. Not because of the size but because they have like a white glow around them. Anyone have any advice? I am starting to think something is wrong with the thing.