Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor
Price: $219.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I would avoid. I bought one of these the last time they were on sale. The monitor itself makes noise, depending on what’s being displayed. A very noticeable buzzing or whining. Setting the screen rate to “ultra fast” in the OSD helps, but doesn’t completely solve it. An aftermarket power supply did nothing for the noise – it’s internal to the screen. Other reviews and forum posts have mentioned this as well, on this screen and “sister models” that share the architecture.

I would have rather paid $60 more for a silent screen. I know that’s an absurd sentence, but true.

I had the same experience with this monitor and noise. Very faint, but one of those annoying things that would likely bother us more and more as time went on.

Got one back in December - no problems, no noise whatsoever. I’m tempted to pick up another one for my other computer.

Agreed. Mine has never made any noise, which is funny because it even has a volume control in the OSD that does nothing! I can’t find any speakers, just a volume slider.

Can someone please comment on the technical requirements to drive a 4K display like this? I have a Dell laptop with Display Port output, and two Display adapters, Intel HD Graphics 4600 and AMD Radeon HD 8790M. How exactly can I find out if these can drive this display at full resolution?

Along w/a DP I do also have HDMI.

Mine didn’t make noise, but it died after 5 months, only a 3 month warranty. Last electronic I will ever purchase from Woot.

Bought a refurb Samsung monitor from woot about 10 months ago. Lasted about 6 months - just out of warranty - before it got all weird and became unusable. Waste of money.

I have 3 of these but bought them all new… I love them and have no noise.

The Intel display will, the 8790 won’t quite.

Thanks for that. It seems that the AMD is limited re: VGA but DP does 2160p also so it oughta work too.

You will need a Displayport version 1.2 and above, and HDMI port version 2.0 and above for 4k. Google Wiki for Displayport and HDMI standard and there are tables that will tell you what version of each that will support 4k natively. You will need to check the specs of your laptop to find your DP and HDMI versions.

What the hell, I’m a Prime member and logged into my Prime account to place order and still got charged $5 bucks for shipping. Call Amazon support and after 20 minutes the stupid person I spoke with about problem said they know nothing about WOOT and it’s not affiliated with Amazon. WTF???

Email Woot customer support. You have to make sure you login in via the Amazon button. They helped me with the same issue recently and refunded the $5.

I have two and have never bothered to mess with sound through them, but I assume the volume control is for the 3.5mm jack on the back, which could be useful if you had your headphones plugged into it.

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. I see that you successfully logged in with your Amazon Prime account shortly after this post.

You have to log in with Amazon. Pay with Amazon isn’t the same thing. Best way to make sure is to log out of woot and then log back in using the Login with Amazon button.


Was going to take a chance on this until I saw the 60Hz refresh rate. Seems pretty low end for a 4K monitor?

I have a pair of the 24" version of this monitor (both purchased new). I have zero complaints.

I paid $299 each which was a great deal at the time.

Woot’s fault?