Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

So 60hz? it can’t even play 3d games or movies?

the pcper written article

Large high resolution monitors are glorious just make sure you have a display port so you can drive the thing at 60hz.

:edit: it should be noted that this review is from May 9, 2014 when this monitor launched :edit:

  1. If you’re using this as a computer monitor and your video card can handle 4K resolutions, you absolutely will be able to tell a difference in resolutions.

  2. There is no such thing as a 4K HDMI cable. There are “standard” and “high-speed” HDMI cables. I’m sure the poster above was referencing the latter of the two, which is what you want for monitors (or televisions) such as this. Point being, don’t fall for the hype of a cable twice the price if they’re both “high speed” but one is marked “4K HDMI!!11!!!eleventy1!” because they’ll both do the same thing.

Until the United States addresses it’s broadband saturation and data cap costs, 4K is not going anywhere.

An hour of steaming HD content runs about 3Mbps from a provider like Netflix for about a gig and a half total data. 4K streaming runs 12-20 Mbps even highly compressed (think lossy). That means your 2 hour movie will run you anywhere from 20-50 Gigs. For data caps in the US that can easily be as little as 100 Gig a month, that’s gonna put a big crimp on the consumer’s desire to steam 4K.

Apparently you are not a graphic artist or professional photographer.

A screen like this makes all the difference in the world for editing graphics and photos.

Also my games look mighty sweeeet on really high res screens.

Yes, you can tell a HUGE difference. 1080p computer screens are absolute garbage compared to anything with higher resolution, even in smaller sizes. The smaller the screen and higher the resolution, then the higher the pixel density, giving you a crisper picture and better viewing experience.

The Visio has a 60hz, 4k capable hdmi port, which my two GeForce 970 GTX cards in SLI drives just nicely.

I didn’t. HDMI 2.0 cable available at the mothership for $13 bucks for 2 meters.

Gee there is enough ignorance displayed in these comments, to form a congressional committee.

(The definition of Committee is ‘A pooling of ignorance’)