Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $369.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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could someone explain… I thought HDMI was 1080p…

Displayport will drive 4k correct?

It’ll run at max resolution but only 30Hz on HDMI. 60Hz with DisplayPort 1.2.

Reviews over at Newegg

An in depth review from tftcentral.

Why does Woot seem to only pick the monitors without vesa mount capability? :frowning:

Both HDMI and Displayport can run @ 4k. The refresh rate will vary based on the version your computer supports. HDMI < 2.0 and Displaport < 1.2 will only drive 4k @ 30hz.

To drive a 4k monitor @ 60hz you will either need a computer with HDMI 2 or Displayport 1.2 and a monitor that supports one or both of those connections.

Alternatively you can use two HDMI connections to power a single monitor (each connection effectively draws half the screen @ 60hz). According to the newegg reviews this monitor supports:

-4k @ 60hz via Displayport
-4k @ 30hz via single HDMI
-4k @ 60hz via dual HDMI

I have this monitor and for the price it is great. Make sure you look up some calibration steps for it. It looks pretty bad out of the box.

I believe these are american xpres mount, basically you mount them to the stand.

All 28" 4k panels are made by the same factory. So anyone that sells them uses the same parts. I almost got one of these new and then discovered that monoprice has a model for around $440 new with more inputs and better features. I’d spend a little more and get that.

That would be interesting to read about if you had a source.

Bought that model from Monoprice. Sent it back same day. Bright colors were fantastic. Black/dark screens/movies/games were unbearably washed out. No thanks

I had an issue with using 4K resolution with the Mac Pro on 10.9.5, the right side would shake. I found an app called SwitchRes, that steps the hz down to 50 from 60hz, and fixes the issue.

This is a “TN” type panel. Know what you are getting. I’ll never buy one, since I like rich colors, viewing angles that are wide, and no color shift.

IPS panels can be had at this price with slightly less resolution (but still waaay better than 1080p)


Wellllllllllllllll, you do know that we often buy end-of-live and excess, right? We get what our vendors have to sell. Sometimes there’s not a lot to pick from.

BUT, we hear your desires and wishes and our buyers do keep looking for that perfect monitor that you will buy. I look forward to you buying a monitor from us. :happy:

Technically speaking, this monitor is NOT 4k. It’s UHD.

If you plan to use this in a multi-monitor setup, note that it does not have VESA mounting. That was a deal breaker when I was shopping for a “4K” monitor. It can not be mounted on a multi-monitor stand.

Another point to consider, these monitors are less than a year old and they have that many being sent back in and being sold as “factory reconditioned”?

One snag I encountered setting this up: out of the box it would only do 2560x1440 on DisplayPort. I nearly pulled my Googling muscles trying to figure it out, but it turned out to be configured to limit itself to DisplayPort 1.1 by default, and the setting to enable DisplayPort 1.2 support was rather buried.

Also, as others have mentioned, flimsy stand. When combined with a flimsy table, the monitor waggles around as I type.