Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
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Is there any point in getting a 4k monitor if your computer doesn’t display 4k??

Time to check out the product page

Not really, but most computers can actually display 4k @ 30hz with HDMI, or 60hz with display port

I had bought one of these from best buy when they first came out, I found the media hasn’t quite caught up to this technology.

It was more of a hassle than anything else. My desktop icons were extremely tiny unless I changed the Windows setting, which at that point none of my games would work properly, so I had to switch back and forth… Extremely annoying.

Best of luck to any pioneers, but I returned mine within a week.

I bought one of these a few months ago as well and ended up returning it within a week.

I wanted to use it for graphic design purposes, but a few minor things made it not suitable for that:

  • Color reproduction wasn’t as good as I had hoped
  • Not an IPS panel
  • Pixels are NOT square

To elaborate on that last point, a 1000x1000 square on this monitor will not be square, it will be slightly rectangular. And by that I mean that if you took a ruler and measured the square on the screen, it would be ~10% wider than it is tall, even through it’s a 1000x1000px square.

Note that I was noticing some very slight weirdness and couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I had that hunch and literally took a ruler to measure it out, and found other people on forums and such finding the same thing.

That said… This would be a totally awesome media consumption/gaming monitor. The high DPI and crisp and bright color (if inaccurate from a graphics design standpoint) was something I could definitely find myself getting used to if I had a dedicated gaming or media computer. The slightly rectangular pixels would also be largely a non-issue in that setting, as it’s barely noticeable unless you literally do the aforementioned ruler measuring.

tl;dr - Great media consumption monitor, not so great monitor for design/illustration/photography work.

That’s actually a very excellent thing to mention, thank you so much. I do a lot of lightroom/photo/prints, etc and correct/accurate colors and sizes are very important (as you obviously know). I was wanting more screen for working with highly detailed images in Lightroom/Photoshop but it sounds like this may not be the monitor for that.

I’m still rocking my “famous maker” (HP) 27" 1440p monitor I got on Woot a while back. It’s IPS and had good coloring for me out of the box. I couldn’t be happier with it… but you know… you always want MORE :smiley:

Agreed, the problem with these ultra-high resolution monitors is some programs (most design programs it seems) have icons and other things set to be a specific number of pixels and there’s no way to scale them, so everything will be too small to use.

Folks I would pass this one up. I bought one months ago new on amazon and it was the first time in my 25 yr computer history where i returned a monitor.
I love Samsung products and it was painful to ding them on something but they deserve it.
Others have already mentioned it but in short:
-Displayport problems (wake up from hibernation issues)
-It’s a TN panel not IPS
-The stand is reused from other smaller monitors they sell and it’s not spec’d properly for the weight and size of this monitor. It causes it to shake and wobble really easily.

The list goes on and on but it’s just a bad choice to make a leap into 4k technology. Trust me, hold off on buying this one unless it’s in the sub $200 territory.

Thank you so much for explaining all of this. I’ve hey my eye out for a 4k monitor for my fiancee who is also a graphic designer. Is there a 4k monitor out there that you’ve found to be the best for graphic design?

demondred -
I’m in the market myself as I do pro videography and just picked up my first 4K cam. What have you found that you’d consider to be an excellent contender for a quality 4K monitor? Thanks!

I got one last month and love it. Guess I’m the only one who knows how to access the DPI settings in Windows?

Good color repro for a TN, no backlight bleed. I was worried about gaming performance but my single GTX970 does the trick.

Couple of very comprehensive reviews here:

Something is wrong with your computer then. Did you perhaps have the monitor in the Wide aspect ratio mode and feeding it a non 4k signal? Are you a Mac user?

I can say with certainty that is an isolated indecent, squares are squares on this monitor. If you Google “u28d590d ruler” there is exactly 1 amazon review stating this non square thing (I’m assuming written by you) and people in the comments refuting that claim. If only 1-2 people are having this non square problem, it’s not the monitor’s fault.

I got a Dell P2715Q and love it, especially for the price. There are several online reviews about it and I would encourage you to look at it.
Whatever you do, make sure you get an IPS monitor and not a TN if you’re looking for image quality and color accuracy for photography. If you’re not playing games on it, then you might actually want to look into something with even more accuracy than the Dell.

Re squareness:

I just threw up a 1280x1280 image in Gimp and measured it:

8 1/8" wide
7 15/16+" tall

That’s 2.4% wider (rather than the above-noted ~10%).

So it’s not square, but it’s off by quite a small amount.

I am pretty much completely happy with mine. I am running it with Ubuntu and I don’t find anything to be too small. I am nearsighted and have poor accommodation, but use glasses that bring everything into perfect focus at my desired working distance.

Why isn’t WOOT showing up as a authorized dealer online or brick-n-mortar on Samsung’s website ?

So we count as Amazon, as we’re owned by Amazon. But, our buyer said he’d see if there’s a way we can get woot on that list, too.

Can anyone give their personal experience about the monitor?

Just for fun, I did a calculation of distortion for a monitor like this:

If your (one) eye is 18" from the display, an object will show a 2.4% distortion if it is 4" away from the normal - that is: the point on the monitor that is closest to your eye.

So if you just look at everything from 4" to the left or right, then everything should be fine…

Also, the difference in distortion between your two eyes - being ~2.5 inches apart - is just about 1%.